Centre to help dyslexic kids overcome their learning hurdles with ease

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  • Published 3.02.11

Patna, Feb. 2: Tears of joy rolled down the cheeks of several viewers at the climax of the Aamir Khan-starrer Taare Zameen Par when Ishaan, the dyslexic protagonist, wins a painting competition. The feat of Darsheel Safary’s character, who overcomes his problems after meeting art teacher Nikumbh Sir, played by Aamir, can soon be accomplished in the state capital.

Association for Promotion of Creative Learning, a non-profit organisation, has entered into an understanding with the UK-based Kanka-Gajendra Foundation to set up a dedicated centre for the diagnosis of children with learning problem and providing solutions to overcome their difficulties.

A source said such institutions are very important for a healthy society. According to an estimate, about five to 10 per cent students suffer from one form of learning difficulty or the other. In a majority of these cases, problems remain undiagnosed and no remedial steps are taken.

Association for Promotion of Creative Learning, which works to promote creativity and creative learning in the society, has developed teaching and learning methodologies based on age-old Indian system blended with modern technology to promote quality education, said a source.

To demonstrate the efficiency of the new method, the association is running a school — School of Creative Learning — at Nargada village on the outskirts of Patna. Around 600 students are enrolled in it at present.

“We will sign the memorandum of understanding with the foundation this month,” Association for Promotion of Creative Learning honorary executive president Vijoy Prakash told The Telegraph.

Prakash, a 1981-batch Bihar cadre IAS officer, holds the post of the principal secretary of the planning and development department at present. He has played an active role in promoting creative learning through the school.

The Kanka-Gajendra Foundation works for facilitating positive change in the lives of people through improvement in education, health, economic self-sustainability and multi-cultural awareness. Its founder, Gajendra Verma, hails from Bihar.

Association for Promotion of Creative Learning will hire three skilled persons in this field. The experts of Kanka-Gajendra Foundation will provide advanced training to them. It will provide support to the centre for three years. Thereafter, the trained experts of Association for Promotion of Creative Learning will run the centre.

The facility would not be confined to the school set up by Association for Promotion of Creative Learning.

The centre would offer training to parents, teachers and students of other schools. It would provide screening facility for identifying the nature of problems children with learning difficulties face.

Institutions apart, the centre would provide training to undergraduate and postgraduate students pursuing courses in social welfare. “The training will be given in accordance with the demand of the society,” Prakash said.