Brand Bihar, now in 3D

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  • Published 20.02.14

The two-day national-level Information and Technology (IT) meet, “e-Bihar — an emerging IT destination”, started in Patna on Wednesday. The event brought to the fore several IT investments lined up for the state. Companies from San Diego to Bangalore are choosing Patna and Bihta as the destinations for their future ventures. Here’s how the IT image is being created for brand Bihar


3D and special effects development centre

Company: San Diego-based Legend 3D with local partner UNO Digital Pvt. Ltd.

Proposal: 1,500-seat full-fledged 3D imaging and animation development centre near the under-construction premises of IIT-Patna in Bihta. It would be a residential facility with the provision for schools, hospitals, etc.

Project cost: Rs 135 crore

Status: A formal proposal to be submitted with the State Investment Promotion Board within a week

Perks: Generate employment and create a pool of technically skilled manpower in the animation sector

Brand image: The centre would act as an anchor for graphics animation development industry in Bihar. The state would be promoted as the centre for multimedia development in India

Why Bihar: Our company has a presence in Bihar for the past 14 years as we are working in exclusive partnership with UNO Digital here. In 2000, when we were looking for an outsourcing centre for our operations from San Diego for 2D to 3D conversions and gaming animations among others, we had received a proposal from the company. Our experience till date with this collaboration has been highly satisfactory. The products from Patna have always been of high quality and always on time. Skilled manpower at low cost is obviously an alluring factor here

Barry Sandrew, founder and president, Legend3D

Support needed from state:

We expect to get free land at the proposed IT park in Bihta for setting up the facility

Mrinal Singh, UNO Digital Pvt. Ltd


Low-cost tablet development centre

Company: Bangalore-based Stamp Computers Pvt. Ltd

Proposal: To set up manufacturing facility of low-cost tablets in Bihar with a production capacity of 1 lakh tablets every month. The expected turnover is around Rs 300 crore every year

Project cost: Rs 25 crore one-time investment from government and Rs 75 crore working capital to be contributed by Stamp Computers

Status: Proposal awaits government nod

Perks: Provide employment to around 400 people

Brand image: The unit would make Bihar the centre-stage for embedded computing technology development in the country. Embedded computers are used in almost all gadgets, right from mobile phones, cars, tablets, music players among others

Why Bihar: It is basically a noble idea to develop a low-cost tablet for illiterate population. The Bihar government had initially floated the idea

S.K. Sinha, director, Stamp Computers

Support needed from state:

We need equity funding from the Bihar government to the tune of around 20-40 per cent of the total capital required for setting up the unit. The state government can do the same in the form of seed funding amounting to around Rs 25 crore. We would provide working capital to the tune of around Rs 75 crore. Land and building are also required

S.K. Sinha


Multinational call centre

Company: Essar Group’s Aegis Limited

Proposal: A 300-seat call centre in Patna

Status: Cabinet gave approval to the project on Tuesday

Perks: Facility would provide employment to educated youths

Brand image: Presence of multinational BPOs like Aegis in Patna can act as a catalyst in getting more BPO firms in setting up their facilities in the state

Why Bihar:

Availability of large pool of educated youths apt for the BPO industry

Vinod Nair, assistant vice-president, AGC Network Limited

Support needed from state:

Availability of space, which has been allocated at Biscomaun Bhavan on free lease initially for three years


Development centre

Company: Srishti Software Applications Pvt. Ltd, a Bangalore-based provider of Healthcare Management Information System

Proposal: A 100-seat software development centre

Status: Approval given by state cabinet on Tuesday

Perks: Employment for trained youths in software development

Brand image: Software development firms would take into consideration the experience of Srishti Software in deciding to come to Bihar

Why Bihar:

Ajay Shankar Sharma, the chief executive officer of Srishti Software hails from Muzaffarpur

Support needed from state:

Space at Biscomaun Bhavan on free lease initially for three years