Back to school, with pen & pals - Monday morning buzz in classes & on grounds after 40-day vacation

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  • Published 24.06.14

The reopening of schools after the 40-day summer vacation brought the early morning hustle and bustle back to the city on Monday.

Soon after sunup, the city was buzzing with school buses, autorickshaws and rickshaws — all jostling for road space and competing against each other while transporting students from their homes to their respective schools. The first day after the summer break witnessed a scene of frenetic activity and the attendance touched almost cent per cent. As the students strolled towards the building, they bid goodbye to their parents.

Students could hardly contain their excitement. Sourav Sinha, a Class III student of St Xavier’s School, said: “I felt good about coming back to school. I missed my school schedule, teachers and especially my friends. I feel rejuvenated after the end of the summer vacation.”

Jaanvi Bhartiya, a Class VI student of Notre Dame Academy, said: “After the summer camp and the school assignments got over, my holidays had become a bit dull. I was eagerly waiting for the school to reopen.” She added: “The first day was fair, as we had student-teacher interaction classes about the activities during vacation.”

Lucky Makhariya, a Class IV student of St Xavier’s High School, said: “It’s good to be back to school, as it gives me ample time to complete my syllabus for the exams starting on July 17. But I am worried.”

Aryan Khan, a Class V student of Don Bosco, said: “Today’s schedule was not hectic, as more classes were given to play and discuss things what we had done and learnt. I had a lot of fun in exploring old monuments on my excursion to Lucknow.”

Most tiny tots, however, wailed and pleaded with their parents not to force them enter the school gates.

A sobbing boy of lower kindergarten, Nimish Poddar, clinging to his mother’s leg, said: “I have done all my homework but I don’t want to go to school.” Mother Sweta kept cajoling her kid.

She said: “A long break from school makes children, especially younger ones, lazy and hampers their studies. Getting my child acquainted with the school schedule may take some time.”

Kalpana Sharma, a teacher of St Joseph High School, summed up the emotions. “Some students might be excited to catch up with their friends and getting started. But it’s understandable that the days of lie-ins are over for a while. For tiny tots, it’s a little daunting, but we try to put them at ease by involving them in co-curricular activities,” said Sharma.

Shreya Singh, a Class VIII student of Mount Carmel High School, said: “After a long interval, I met my friends. I shared a lot of things about my trip to Goa and Mumbai.”

Few students could not make it on the first day of school because of illness or incomplete homework. “I wanted to go to school but my assignment is incomplete. I miss my friends a lot and I’ll be back to school in three-four days,” said Nitin Anand, a Class VI student of Loyola High School.