Ah! Sweet summer sips

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  • Published 3.05.14

The scorching heat is on, forcing residents to hop from one kiosk to another. The Telegraph heads out on a cool trail to find out where residents are quenching their thirst

Super shake

Cool hub: Mausam Manch, Maurya Lok Complex

On offer: Milkshakes of different flavours, shikanji, lemon ice tea

Flavours: Chocolate milkshake, chikoo shake, black currant shake, mango shake, tutti frutti shake, crispy oreo shake, kesar pista shake, banana coffee, butterscotch shake

Speciality: According to Sachin Rastogi, owner of Mausam Manch, banana coffee and crispy oreo shake are exclusive items

Footfall: Around 100 everyday

Price: Large-sized milk shakes: Rs 67. Medium-sized shakes: Rs 51 to 59

Ownerspeak: The kind of ambience one gets in my shop is unique. I change interiors according to the season. In summer, you would find pictures of fruits and drinks on the wall

Customerspeak: You can find summer drinks in many roadside shops but those are not very hygienic. Here, one can get good drinks and be assured of the cleanliness factor — Manoj Shah

Fruity flavour

Cool hub: Shree Sweet Ghar confectioner at Maurya Lok Complex

On offer: Kulfi and milk shakes of different flavours

Flavours: For kulfi, kesar pista is always available. For orange, sweet lemon and banana flavours, customers have to place order a day in advance. Shakes include rose, butterscotch, pineapple, strawberry, chocolate and mango

Speciality: According to owner Purushottam Kumar, the kulfi is made with only fresh seasonal fruits and not flavours

Footfall: Around 50-60 people daily

Price: Rs 25 to 40

Ownerspeak: Our milkshakes are made from branded fruit pulp. The masala cold drink is made with soda water, jaljeera, lemon juice and some spices. Everyday, around 100 people come down to our shop for the masala cold drink

Customerspeak: The kulfi is very famous. I make it a point to take my wife and son to this shop once in a week as they simply love this item

— Santosh Singh

Milky delight

Cool hub: Lovely Lassi at Mahendru near post office

On offer: Lassi

Flavours: No flavours used

Speciality: According to owner Daulat Devi, the lassi is made of hung curd. The lassi becomes thicker, creamier and delicious

Footfall: Around 100 people everyday

Price: Rs 20 per glass

Ownerspeak: We are very particular about the milk used in making curd. We bring milk everyday from the diara (riverine) area owing to its purity. Ultimately, it is our customer’s satisfaction, which makes us happy

Customerspeak: I have been coming here since 15 or16 years. Whenever any relative arrives at our house in Patna, we make it point to bring them to this shop

— Shamshad Husain

Soda solution

Cool hub: Badal Soda Café and Nirala Lassi on Ashok Rajpath

On offer: Soda water and different flavours of fruits and shakes

Flavours: Flavours include lime lemon, orange, blueberry, masala soda, apple, fruit bear, mango and pineapple. In shakes, mango, rooh afzah, banana and sweet lemon flavours are available

Speciality: Customer can choose their drink, whether they want to have it with fruit essence or fresh fruits, said owner Md Saheb Alam

Footfall: Around 150 to 200 people daily

Price: Rs 5-Rs 15

Ownerspeak: The soda water drink is very cheap. The majority of our customers comprise school and college students. I think they prefer these drinks because it does not pinch their pockets and helps them get refreshed

Customerspeak: When I return from tuition with friends, I prefer to have a soda water drink. The cost is less and I can have it on a regular basis unlike other drinks

— Kunal Kishore