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Indian Twitter storm over ICC tweeting Dhoni dismissal video

Many said the cricket administrator tweeting video was in bad taste

  • Published 12.07.19, 3:11 PM
  • Updated 12.07.19, 3:11 PM
  • a min read
MS Dhoni after his dismissal on Wednesday (AP)

It’s been a couple of days since Team India’s heartbreaking loss to New Zealand in ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. The loss is yet to sink in for many cricket fans in India. The euphoria over the World Cup is dying down and people are yet to decide whether they want to support the Black Caps against England in the tournament’s final. Whatever the outcome of the match, it doesn’t matter: India has nothing to gain from it.

India needed 24 runs from nine balls when M.S. Dhoni was run out by a scintillating direct hit from Martin Guptill. Dhoni fell short by an inch to the crease — and India was out of contention for another four years.

The match broke a billion Indian hearts. But rubbing salt in the wound was the International Cricket Council (ICC) which on July 10 tweeted the video of Dhoni’s dismissal complete with computer-generated imagery (CGI), much to the chagrin of Indian fans. 

Fans on Twitter lambasted the cricket administrator for using the “Hasta La Vista, Dhoni” caption, saying the organisers of the tournament should not put up such videos. They also defended Dhoni. 

Several people on Twitter from Pakistan joked about the video posted by the ICC: