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What makes Dyson V11 Absolute Pro suck-cessful?

This vaccum cleaner offers versatility that you won’t easily find in other brands
Dyson V11 Absolute Pro is a powerful dust buster. In the snap you can see the heart of the machine.

Mathures Paul   |   Published 04.10.21, 10:44 PM

A few days ago, a reader called in for suggestions for a vacuum cleaner. His choice was between buying a Dyson vacuum cleaner or an iPhone 12. Both are expensive but once we accept that it is what it is, both these brands deliver in oodles in way of functionality.

So, when the Dyson V11 Absolute Pro arrived for review a few weeks ago, it was time to go wild and by the time we were done with the machine and in the process of packing up, I realised that during the pandemic, perhaps the biggest win in the household category has been the vacuum cleaner, especially if the apartment is on the larger side. Inside the box are attachments that are certain to bewilder a first-time Dyson consumer because there is something for every nook in the house.


Push, click, attach

The Absolute Pro is a cord-free vacuum cleaner that offers 60 minutes of usage from a single charge. All the attachments are designed to easily click on to the machine, so you don’t damage the machine. Some of the attachments are the Nickel Torque Drive, soft roller cleaner head, crevice tool, quick-release combination tool, quick-release mini-motorised tool, mini soft dusting brush, mattress tool, up-top adapter and the extension hose. Basically, we are looking at attachments that will take care of every type of dust particle in any part of the house.

More importantly, the bin is big enough to hold all the dust you can gather in a day. To empty it out, simply push a leaver below the can and then push the can forward while point it towards the dustbin. Voila. The filter is at the back of the motor and it needs to be cleaned every month or so under running water. But care needs to be taken while dying up for which you need to keep aside 24 hours. That’s important. Cleaning the house is absolutely simple — pull the trigger and see dust getting knocked out… a pleasure for the eyes of a neatness fanatic like me.

There is a display right at the back of the machine to show the mode you are using, time left before a charge and warning signals. It’s quite uncomplicated.


I tried the Absolute Pro on different floor types and against various debris types. The staircase at my place is wooden, wide and has cracks in which dust can easily settle down. Having 185AW suction power really helps if the house has a lot of such difficult-to-clean places. Yet, I didn’t have to go into boost mode to get work done. Hair and debris from shoes were easily taken care of in a single round. Even the couple of rooms with hardwood floor didn’t offer resistance.

Where work was necessary was cleaning areas with deep carpets. For the review, we tried working with things that are usually found on the floor — cornflakes, lentils, coffee powder, beads (yes, my daughter keeps dropping them all over the place), pet hair and so on. The usual cornflakes type got easily sucked up but we had to move into boost mode when it came to the loopy cereal type because they are thicker and so the machine in eco mode tends to push them forward. Ultimately, every piece got sucked in.

For the hair test, the cat was called into service who after 20 minutes of petting offered enough balls of hair to cover the carpet. Cleaning up the floor was not an issue and when it came to the carpet, we had to cover the area twice in eco mode since we wanted to preserve battery. You can change the height of the torque drive to go with the thickness of your carpet.

The real versatility of the vacuum cleaner showed up while cleaning the most inaccessible parts of the house — behind the sofa and on top of the almirah. The up-top adapter is very handy while cleaning the latter. Basically, it is an attachment that’s slightly bent to make the vacuum head reach every spot. The crevice tool is perfect for behind the sofa or even the cobwebs that tend to gather on wall corners.

Like I said, mine is an old house, so the ceiling is quite high but the stick is long enough to handle everything. Further, while cleaning the floor, I noticed that the head is manoeuvrable and turns easily, making it easy to clean around tables and chairs.

While cleaning the floor, the stick is long, so one doesn’t really feel the weight of the motor on top of it, something that’s felt while using it in handheld mode to clean the sofa or mattress. Some may have to require both hands to tackle the weight in handheld mode.

Should you buy it?

For decades, Dyson has been a leader in product design and performance, which surely come at a cost. In case you are in a position to overlook that, one thing is guaranteed with a Dyson cleaner — chances of the motor burning out is zero and it will hold you in good stead for years. Now, 14 cyclones on the Absolute Pro is a relief for those looking for a long-term solution. There are stronger options but we doubt you would need it. What the Dyson V11 Absolute Pro offers is versatility that you won’t easily find in other brands. Plus, ease of usage. If you are looking for that one household item that’s mandatory this festive season, the Absolute Pro can well be the answer.

At a glance

Device: Dyson V11 Absolute Pro

Price: Rs 52,900

High notes

• Excellent suction power

• Comes with a wide range of accessories

• Ease of use

• Can be used to clean every corner of the house

• The bin is big enough to collect dust the entire day

Muffled note

• Can come across slightly heavy when using on handheld mode

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