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The origin Of, oh yes, Please clap, Our Species

Want to judge others, begin by judging yourself and perhaps you will judge better

Sankarshan Thakur Published 30.10.22, 03:09 AM


But where? Do we quite know? This is important, and I presume you know why. This is important because in the far removed other we now have to discover ourselves, and having discovered, we have to rejoice. Have to, is the way it is. Nowadays, this is how it is. Things are mandatory. You do them, you do as you are told. Or else. Hai naa? Samjhaa karo. Think.

Or, if that is not possible for you to do, let somebody else do the thinking and instruct you on what to do. You need to know who came from where and who went from there to where. Whereall-Whereall peepuls have gone, bey! Learn about it. Because then you will learn about yourself. Probably.


Would you know where you came from? Ever thought about it? Never struck you that you need to know a thing or two about your own origins before you start to rave about or revile other peepul’s? Want to judge others, begin by judging yourself and perhaps you will judge better.

So then. Where do you think you came from? The womb, yes, but that’s not the answer we are looking for. Where as in location. Send location. We all have a location, most of us have multiple locations — here, there, whereall-whereall. So many we can really not be sure where from. Often tough to pinpoint the origins of ourselves. I mean you can be born in some facility in Xanadu and the Wakandans can claim you as their own because sometime in the past, your phalaan-phalaan, meaning your this or your that, had had a tryst in Wakanda. Ab batao!

I have often thought about where I come from. I keep getting told all sorts of things, led in this direction and that, and eventually I come to a space where the trail is lost and there is nowhere to go and find out really. Who’s to tell who went where and did what and begot who. The species travelled. All the trails are not yet revealed to us in their fullness. How are we to tell oh so-and-so is from such and such and therefore he or she is our own and she or he is not our own. How do we tell? With passports? Oh, but passports change all the time and those changes seldom change us. So don’t tell me you know. What we do know is we all came from apes. For a while upon emerging from our womb-nests we still move about on all fours, hai naa, and we make unintelligible sounds and gestures — ape muscle memory, or whatever, give a name to it, I don’t care what. And we went, from those origins, our different ways. But delude yourself not, for eventually we will go the same place too.

Sansar ki har shae kaa

Itna hi fasaana hai

Ik dhundh se aana hai

Ik dhundh mein jaana hai.

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