Healing verse

One line you didn’t hear in Joe Biden’s big-hearted inaugural address was one of his favourite bit...

New possibilities in our future

History constantly forms constellations of circumstances. Within the constant of these ever-changing constella...

Steady course: continuity integral to Indo-US ties

In a previous piece in this newspaper, penned a couple of days after election night in the United States of Am...

The Mahatma and the camera

The camera was there in London, photographing Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the suit-clad young lawyer; it follo...

Indian media’s inflection point

Many science historians attribute ‘what goes up must come down’ to Isaac Newton, and this must be ...

Hope and fear: RBI estimates negative GDP growth

The Reserve Bank of India has estimated India’s gross domestic product growth to be a negative 7.5 per c...

Opinion  /  Published 24.01.21

The inner eye: lessons for New India

His wife heavily gravid and going to deliver any moment, barrister M.K. Gandhi picked up pen and paper on May 21, 1900, in Durban, Natal, South Africa for ‘public work’. This time it was t...
By Gopalkrishna Gandhi in

Opinion  /  Published 23.01.21

Vaccines: how effective are they against new strains?

It was just a year ago, in December 2019 that we first got to know about this new guest to this planet, the novel coronovirus SARS-CoV-2. During the last 13 months scientists worldwide have accomplish...
By Dipyaman Ganguly in

Opinion  /  Published 23.01.21

The Covid Effect: Screen and the world

It is called “The Covid Effect”. A company that tracks the use of digital devices by children of four to 15 years of age found an enormous increase in screen hours not just from pre-lockdo...
By The Editorial Board in

Opinion  /  Published 23.01.21

True power: Kamala Harris takes oath as first woman vice-president

Sir — The inauguration ceremony of the 46th president of the United States of America was historic in more ways than one. Not only did Kamala Harris take oath as the first woman vice-president &...
By The Telegraph in

Opinion  /  Published 23.01.21

Rich pickings: Wisden 2021

Wisden 2021 will be a collector’s item. For a cool assessment of the just concluded India-Australia series, I turned to Lawrence Booth, editor of Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack. &ld...
By Amit Roy in

Opinion  /  Published 23.01.21

Steps to build anti-Islamophobic movement

As the last year winded towards its end, two sets of events defined the state of the country. One was the series of attacks on mosques in Madhya Pradesh, where Hindutva mobs set out to terro...
By Asim Ali in

Opinion  /  Published 22.01.21

Screens on fire: OTT and digital space regulation

Regulatory framework exists in the print media, with the Press Council of India serving as a watchdog for the medium. Television content is also monitored by a complicated ecosystem that accommodates ...
By The Editorial Board in

Opinion  /  Published 22.01.21

Known good: efficacy of Covid vaccines

The need for inoculation against Covid-19 as soon as possible cannot be denied. But no vaccine should be administered without the recipient’s trust and conviction that are based on full informat...
By The Editorial Board in

Opinion  /  Published 22.01.21

Shell shield: parking black money overseas

The parking of black money overseas is not a new phenomenon. In 2016, the Panama Papers leak led to the allegation of prominent politicians and celebrities from India parking funds in offshore compani...
By Arindam Gupta in

Opinion  /  Published 22.01.21

Nehru and Bose: not quite parallel lives

Subhas Chandra Bose was born on January 23, 1897. Netaji was one of the most charismatic leaders of the Independence movement who, before the saga of the Indian National Army, was twice the president ...
By Praveen Davar in


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