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Letters to the Editor: Harry Potter becoming a TV series

Readers write in from Calcutta, Maruthancode, Kollam, Noida and Hazaribagh

The Editorial Board Published 25.04.23, 05:27 AM

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Recycled idea

Sir — From Dune to Wheel of Time and West Side Story to Batman, remakes are the order of the day. So much so that every film seems to be a rehash of something that came before it. However, far from providing an interesting take on the subject, such remakes are often hapless attempts to capitalise on formulaic success at the box office. For instance, HBO recently confirmed that it is remaking the Harry Potter films into a television series, which will supposedly be more faithful to the books. Replicating the success of the films which catapulted the story of the boy who lived into a global phenomenon may be an exercise in futility. One wonders if this is just an attempt to profit from a legacy that has been tarnished by one controversy after another.


Shatadru Dey, Calcutta

Indomitable spirit

Sir — The Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi, vacated his official residence within weeks of being disqualified from Parliament following his conviction in a 2019 defamation case (“Rahul gives up house, not fight”, April 23). This is unprecedented as most political leaders tend to occupy government bungalows despite not being members of Parliament for years.

It is no secret that Rahul Gandhi was targeted by the Central government for raising questions about the alleged relationship between the prime minister, Narendra Modi, and the embattled businessman, Gautam Adani. However, by punishing Rahul Gandhi in this manner, the Modi government may have inadvertently earned him sympathy from the voters. It is hoped that the Congress leader is able to turn this setback into an electoral victory in the 2024 elections.

Kamal Chowdhury,Calcutta

Sir — Rahul Gandhi deserves praise for maintaining an indomitable spirit even after facing such humiliation at the hands of the Narendra Modi government. By refusing to ask for an extension of his stay at his official bung­alow, he has followed his family’s legacy of never cowering to oppressive measures.The day is not far when Rahul Gandhi will be vindicated for his tireless fight against the ruling dispensation.

Arun Gupta,Calcutta

Sir — The fact that Rahul Gandhi vacated his official bungalow within a month of his disqualification from the Lok Sabha shows his respect for regulations. This will bolster his image as a strong, incorruptible leader.

Moreover, it is evident that the Bharatiya Janata Party dispensation is afraid of the Congress leader after the massive success of the Bharat Jodo Yatra. It remains to be seen whether this episode will have a bearing on the upcoming elections.

Khokan Das,Calcutta

Equal opportunity

Sir — It is heartening that the Indian army has decided to introduce a common selection board for male and female officers for promotion to the rank of colonel from 2024 onwards. This can bring gender equality to the military. The army has also granted permanent commissions to women recently, enabling them to assume challenging roles like their male counterparts. Such steps will not only boost the confidence of women officers but will also encourage more women to join the force and put an end to gender-based discrimination.

Venu G.S.,Kollam, Kerala

Out of sight

Sir — In yet another regressive step, the National Council of Educational Research and Training has dropped Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution from the Class X syllabus (“Scientists’ alarm at Darwin axe decision”, April 21). It is unfortunate that students will be denied the chance to learn about Darwin’s theory, which not only offers an explanation of the existence of human life but is also key to developing a rational worldview.

The deletion thus goes against the principle of pro­moting scientific temperament as is enshrined in the Constitution. It is hoped that the Centre reverses its decision at the earliest.

G. David Milton,Maruthancode, Tamil Nadu

Pros and cons

Sir — The implications of India becoming the most populous country can be both positive and negative (“The ticking bomb”, April 23). In order to meet the needs of a growing population, the government will have to generate more resources, improve education and health standards, and increase employment opportunities.

But India also has the larg­est youth population. The government must tap into this to maximise development. It should work on increasing skills among the youth and ensure digital penetration in the remotest areas. Keeping the unemployment rate low and literacy level high would work to India’s advantage.

Bal Govind,Noida

Sir — The Twitter chief, Elon Musk, celebrated India’s population explosion, highlighting the fact that India’s demographics will determine its future prospects. Musk is not wrong. The comparatively young workforce will have a positive impact on the country’s growth. But this must be complemented with strong policies focussed on building health, education, and social infrastructure.

Musk has long been an advocate of a higher birth rate as he believes that a low birth rate poses a greater risk to civilisation than even climate change. But his proposal to colonise Mars to address this problem does not hold water.

Amarjeet Kumar,Hazaribagh, Jharkhand

Lights off

Sir — The decorative lights on the iconic Howrah Bridge were switched off for 10 minutes on April 23 to mark Earth Day. This was meant to raise awareness on reducing emissions caused by electricity. The collective enthusiasm showed by Calcuttans towards the initiative — several hotels, clubs and multiplexes also participated — spells hope for climate positive action.

Sourish Misra,Calcutta

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