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Letters to the Editor: Fantasies involving celebrities

Readers write in from Calcutta, Guwahati, Ludhiana, Jamshedpur, Kanpur and Mumbai
Judi Dench
Judi Dench
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The Editorial Board   |   Published 07.01.23, 04:20 AM

Dream come true

Sir — Dreams can often be outlandish, especially fantasies featuring celebrities. Many of us play out in our heads situations that could unfold if we met them. While some dreams — hearing Ludwig van Beethoven play, for instance — may never come true, some lucky folks get to witness events that they could not even have dreamed of. Recently, guests at a hotel in Scotland could not believe their eyes when Judi Dench played the piano while Sharleen Spiteri, the lead singer of the rock band, Texas, sang ABBA’s “Waterloo”. Perhaps having dreams come true is all about being in the right place at the right time.


Rajesh Majumder, Calcutta

Speak freely

Sir — The Supreme Court’s refusal to place further curbs on the freedom of speech of public officials, including state and Central ministers, is laudable. While the fivejudge bench agreed that the restrictions under Article 19(2) of the Constitution are ‘exhaustive’, the dissenting opinion expressed by Justice B.V. Nagarathna deserves attention. Her assertion that the government should be held responsible for hateful comments made by people holding public office is a testament to the checks that the judiciary can place on the legislative to ensure the health of the democracy.

Abhijit Roy, Jamshedpur

Bitter truth

Sir — It seems that the government is blind to the fact that steps like the abrogation of Article 370, the downgrading of Jammu and Kashmir into a Union territory, and the reintroduction of Kashmiri Pandits to the Valley have led to reprisals from militant groups. The Centre’s assurances that ‘all is well’ have proved hollow. Gun-toting militants are killing civilians with impunity. Dissatisfied with the security arrangements, a number of Pandit government employees had gone on strike, only to be told by the lieutenant-governor that they would not be paid salaries until they returned to work. The ruling party’s plan to rehabilitate Hindus just to show up the Opposition might prove more dangerous in the long run.

A.K. Chakraborty, Guwahati

Right to life

Sir — The government of Tamil Nadu is well within its rights to pass laws classifying jallikattu as a sport. However, petitions by animal rights activists before the Supreme Court, asking for increased regulation during such events, also deserve to be heard. The responsibility of ensuring the welfare of animals is codified in the Directive Principles of State Policy. It is time to consider if animals should be guaranteed the right to life under Article 21 of the Constitution. Strict punishment for anyone hurting, maiming or killing animals for sport should also be enforced.

Kirti Wadhawan, Kanpur

Hunger pangs

Sir — It is the government’s responsibility to ensure that the Supreme Court’s directive that no one in the country should go to sleep on an empty stomach is followed. Unemployment and poverty have claimed quite a few lives during the migrant crisis that emerged at the time of the pandemic. The ruling dispensation had no response to it then and its proactivity does not seem to have improved. The government should take immediate steps to lower the unemployment rate and ensure food security for an impoverished and barely literate populace.

Sunil Chopra, Ludhiana

Parting shot

Sir — Epiphany, celebrated on January 6, is one of the holy feasts of the Catholic Church. It is the day when the physical manifestation of Jesus Christ to the Gentiles is celebrated. The day also commemorates the visit of the three wise men, also known as the Magi, to Bethlehem to present their gifts to the newborn Christ.

Jubel D’ Cruz, Mumbai

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