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In the company of the Biskut

Bartaaania Biskut Compaani, arre wahi BeeBeeCee bhai, has manufactured some dokumentaari when it should only have been baking biskuts

Sankarshan Thakur Published 29.01.23, 02:54 AM


Best we stick to this. Let’s not take this further. Or, to be more precise, let’s not go down that lane again. The lane through which we passed and have arrived here. Those that survived the lane and what happened in and around them. Let us not remember. What happened, happened. There was cause, we all know that. And the consequences followed. I am the biggest of them, can you not see?

Go see, if you have not seen or cannot see. But actually, don’t see. What would be the point of seeing the same thing over and over again? Reels and reels of it, going round and round and churning past things, and churning and churning until everything becomes dark and blackened, as if the consequence was some evil sort of thing? Fences please, erect fences, stop this sort of all bakwas things.


Bartaaania Biskut Compaani, arre wahi BeeBeeCee bhai, has manufactured some dokumentaari when it should only have been baking biskuts. All kinds of biskuts. De do licence. Le lo licence. Make any kind of biskut or many kinds of biskuts. Make whatever kind of biskut you want but stay with making biskuts. Sweet salted crisp soggy round square triangular hexagonal octagonal frilled on the curved fringes like old 10 paisa coins. Who remembers?

But like me, you stray as well. You were to make biskuts, you made something else.

Licence hai? We are not going to be kind about this, we are not kind on violations. Or violators. Our violations? Oh yes, those are there, but our violations are not violations. If they are violations, they are good violations, in the interest of the nayshun, nayshnalist violations. Unlike yours. Look at what you have done! Without authority. Without responsibility. With full prejudice and malice and, what do they call it, yes, colonial mentality. You think you can do and say anything and we will listen and clap. You think you are still able to do that?

No. No longer. Things happened. There were lasches all over the place. Lasches happen when lives are lost. They turn to lashes. There were lots of lasches, everybody knows, lots of jaans gone. But that happens, jaans go, jaans come. Not each time can blame be attached. You have no right to attach what has been detached. Blame on me, I mean. It was all fek. Fek. Fek. Fek. Fek! Trust me when I say it was fek, because it is coming from Me, the Feku.

Jhooth boley kauwwa kaatey

Kaaley kauwwe sey dariyo

Main tumko seekh sikhaaoonga

Tum dekhtey rahiyo.

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