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Meiteis celebrate Emoinu

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Indrakanta Ngangbam Singh   |   Published 03.01.15, 12:00 AM

Imphal, Jan. 2: The Meitei community today celebrated the Emoinu festival where the mother goddess of peace and prosperity, Emoinu, is worshipped.

Emoinu Eratpa ritual is performed at home and in public places on the 12th of the Wakching month in the Manipuri lunar calendar. According to a Meitei myth, goddess Emoinu lands on earth every year on this day and visits each home to shower her blessings.

People light candles at home to welcome the goddess. A well-prepared meal with the main dish of white fish curry is offered to the deity, who takes rest at funga lairu (traditional fireplace in the kitchen).

According to history, the worship of Emoinu began in the 5th century when only the royal family worshipped the goddess.

Later in the 15th century, the common people also began to worship her.

Arambam Ongbi Uma Devi said, 'Even if we follow Hinduism, we cannot forget our ancestral goddess of wealth. We pray to mother Emoinu to protect our family from evil and bless us with peace and prosperity. I also pray for peace.'

Apart from worshipping Emoinu at home, rituals are also organised at the community level. At Wangkhei Ningthem Pukhri Mapal in Imphal East district, where the goddess is worshipped, the festival was organised with great fanfare.

Organised under the aegis of League of Callow Patriots since 1978, the celebration began with the invocation of Pena Yaikairol and offering of seasonal vegetables, fruits, traditional sweets and clothes to the goddess.

In the afternoon, a fire is lit. Music and dance performances are also performed in the evening.

The festival is celebrated at Yaiskul in Imphal West too.

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