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Forum Against Citizenship Act Amendment Bill vows to block bill

Forum chairman Hiren Gohain casts doubts on BJP victory

Ali Fauz Hassan And PTI Guwahati Published 29.05.19, 12:40 AM
Ulfa (pro-talks) general secretary (thrid from left) Anup Chetia, with members of Khilonjia Mancha Assam, in Guwahati on Tuesday

Ulfa (pro-talks) general secretary (thrid from left) Anup Chetia, with members of Khilonjia Mancha Assam, in Guwahati on Tuesday Picture by UB Photos

The Forum Against Citizenship Act Amendment Bill on Tuesday alleged that the BJP had retained power by adopting “dubious” means and enticing the people with “lollipops” and urged the people to keep a sharp eye on the new government.

The forum vowed to prevent the BJP from passing the contentious bill.


“The 2019 general election results have surprised democratic and Assam-loving people. There is an element of doubt in the minds of the people but we have no option but to analyse the reasons for the future,” a statement released by the forum read.

Forum chairman Hiren Gohain said, “The BJP distributed rice at Re 1, money and smart phones to garner support and is keener on providing tax-breaks to corporate houses. The unprecedented unemployment, price rise, demonetisation, GST and the situation of farmers and traders have not affected the results. False and emotional propaganda on social and other media misled the people and they will have to suffer the consequences. The BJP is hell-bent on reducing the Constitution to a scrap of paper. There are reports of the ruling party ignoring all rules and regulations and using official machinery for the elections.”

The BJP won nine of the 14 Lok Sabha seats in Assam.

Gohain said, “The BJP is firm on providing citizenship to Hindu Bangladeshis. The party’s Hindutva ideology has not been diluted and a Hindu Rashtra is their objective. We appeal to Assamese Muslims to join our movement in opposing the bill. The country’s economy is in a bad shape. The rich are becoming richer. The BJP has provided Rs 23 lakh crore as tax rebate to corporate houses and got funds for elections from them.”

Forum member and writer Hare Krishna Deka said, “The issue of the bill is still pertinent. It is another matter that the Balakot strike proved to be a deciding factor for the BJP’s win. The incident still rankles as 2,500 jawans were made to move by road, providing an easy target for terrorists and 40 jawans were martyred. Security of all people should be guaranteed. The minority are apprehensive.”

Ulfa pro-talks on NRC

Ulfa (pro-talks) general secretary Anup Chetia on Tuesday claimed that an “anti-Assam circle” was trying to obstruct NRC update and, hence, remove Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi from the case.

“We strongly oppose the attempt to discredit the NRC process. To clarify doubts and present the true picture, Khilonjia Mancha Assam will send delegates to the UN convention in Geneva in June,” he said at a news meet organised by the Mancha, a platform for the state’s indigenous people.

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