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More WFH? Tolly divas know how to make ‘lyadh’ look glamorous

Home is where the heart is because you can wile away countless hours posing for Instagram and Tolly ladies know it!

Pooja Mitra | Published 13.01.22, 05:44 PM


A new year needs a new work-from-home routine and 2022 is all taking some me-time in the middle of your workday, be it for a sheet mask or for a mini photoshoot. Tolly stars are also battling FOMO just like us and are coming up with creative ways to beat the stuck-at-home blues. 

So, grab your self-timer and let Kolkata’s biggest icons inspire your WFH Instagram.

The Mimi Chakraborty style:

Inspo 1: A stylish pyjama will always serve you well. Just get your glam on and spend some time with a self-timer or ask a sibling for help, if you can’t get some professional assistance like Mimi.

Inspo 2:  Quarantine Instagramming is all about flaunting chic sweats. So, invest in a stylish co-ord loungewear set like Mimi and step into some natural light.

The Subhashree Ganguly style:

Inspo 1: Who says you need fancy wallpapers for a home shoot? Just find a sun-lit window and strike a pose before a Zoom call so your dress-up efforts don’t go to waste.

Inspo 2: Mood lighting really can make a difference. Shoot in low light if possible or go for a warm filter. Subhashree aces a softly-lit close-up.

The Ritabhari Chakraborty style:

Inspo 1: Never underestimate the appeal of a modest peek-a-boo click. Ritabhari’s quirky wall is artsy and cute. If you have a statement decor in your home, just pose next to it for a candid shot.

Inspo 2: Did you know Ritabhari is a prolific miniaturist and started an Instagram page in 2020 to chronicle her passion? Her mini English living room and kitchenette sets will take your breath away! If you have a quirky hobby or if you collect something niche or rare, try sharing it with your followers or document it on a separate account like Ritabhari.

The Riya Sen Dev Verma style:

Inspo 1: Ah, the timeless allure of the bathroom mirror snap. Take a cue from Riya and go for an ooh-la-la moment in a sleek, slip dress.

Inspo 2: Why shouldn’t your fur babies get some space on your timeline when they make for such cute, lovable props? Just throw on your cleanest formals and grab your doggo.

The Sandipta Sen style:

Inspo 1: Because laughter is the best candid expression. ‘Nuff said.

Inspo 2: Sandipta looking out her giant glass window is all of us battling FOMO. 

But while you wait, how about a sun-blessed photo?

Last updated on 13.01.22, 05:44 PM

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