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Keep your ears open for these promising musicians from Kolkata in 2024

If your playlist needs an infusion of fresh electronic, indie, rock or soulful music, then tune into these city artistes this year

Urvashi Bhattacharya | Published 06.01.24, 05:46 PM
(L-R) Artistes like Gazzy, khokkosh and Siddhant Sharma with Underground Authority, among others, have plans to make 2024 their year

(L-R) Artistes like Gazzy, khokkosh and Siddhant Sharma with Underground Authority, among others, have plans to make 2024 their year

The music scene in Kolkata is set to pulsate with fresh beats and melodies from a line-up of rising talents across electronic, indie and rock and other genres. Here are some emerging artists making waves in the industry.

Rising pop sensation: Yashomati Parveen of ‘khokkosh’

Yashomati Parveen, a 19-year-old artiste hailing from Kolkata, embarked on her songwriting journey at the tender age of seven, fuelled by a captivating vision of becoming a pop sensation. At 14, she was introduced to the realm of Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs), and her entire purpose took a sharp turn. Immersed in this new world, she delved into sound experimentation, discovering a profound passion within her grasp.


Out of this exploration emerged “khokkosh” – a creation fueled by raw emotion. It embodies her fury, prepared to shred the confines of societal norms, regardless of how unappealing it may seem. With fierce determination, khokkosh is poised to ascend, breaking free from the predetermined mould that holds one captive. Last year marked the release of her debut single, Flow [watch here], a poignant exploration delving into the anxieties and unease stemming from the challenges of navigating uncontrollable circumstances while fending for oneself.

Innovative musical duo: Purab and Deepraj of Aabol Taabol

Aabol Taabol, formed by childhood pals Purab and Deepraj, is a powerhouse duo hailing from Kolkata. Their music spans across guitar, keyboard, and drums through years of camaraderie where they breathe new life into cherished tunes through covers while weaving in their original compositions, often employing everyday household items in their productions.

Their journey commenced in 2020 with aspirations of crafting original pieces, but financial constraints nudged them towards performing covers at local pubs and cafes. Resourcefulness became their forte, utilising mundane objects like slippers to capture and infuse distinct sounds into their music. Overcoming personal hurdles, particularly Purab’s songwriting inhibition, led to the release of their track Phire Jaye. Although their organic sounds and original compositions took a temporary hiatus, Aabol Taabol aims to reclaim their essence in 2024, reviving their signature blend of authentic sounds and unique musical expressions.

New voice, new vibes: Siddhant Sharma of Underground Authority

Although Underground Authority has been around for 13 years, they have a fresh face for their vocals. Welcome, Kolkata’s Siddhant Sharma, who makes for a great fit in the band given the sound the band is about to go for. Previously, with EPR Iyer as the lead singer, the band used to have an informative approach. Now with Sid, they’re going for a sound with more feel and are looking for a rock and melodic sound. The new songs that they have been working on are being accepted well and the band has big plans in terms of releases coming up in 2024.

Tech meets beats: Ghazanfar Uruj aka Gazzy 

Ghazanfar Uruj, popularly known by his stage name Gazzy, is a 24-year-old electronic music producer, innovator, and entrepreneur hailing from Kolkata. His journey in the music industry, spanning over a decade, began with explorations on the keyboard, where he honed his unique sound and production skills.

In 2023, Gazzy made a significant impact on the dance music scene, performing alongside techno artists such as Paolo Ferrara, Neux, Wndrlst, and Zidecut. His innovation in the field extends beyond music production – he’s delved into technology by inventing the Animus C4. This midi device, controlled by gestures, is reshaping the clubbing experience, showcasing Gazzy’s fusion of tech and art.Beyond the stage and studio, Gazzy's passion for sound extends into the urban landscape of Kolkata and now Bangalore. He is often found capturing the essence of the city, sampling sounds from its bustling traffic and natural vistas.

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