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Spotted on Social Media

10 times Kolkata police aced #mask awareness

A fun and creative social media campaign by the police urges Kolkatans to mask up

Pooja Mitra | Published 27.01.22, 06:29 PM
A Sonar Kella-inspired recent social media post by Kolkata police reminding people to wear masks

A Sonar Kella-inspired recent social media post by Kolkata police reminding people to wear masks

Kolkata Police @Instagram

Fighting the pandemic from the frontlines has not robbed Kolkata police of its sense of humour. The city cops, known for their quirky social media posts, have been promoting the use of masks in their trademark style. Be it popular movie scenes from 3 Idiots and Nayak or the Durga Puja animation video, the pop culture references are on point and the message, loud and clear.

My Kolkata has compiled some of the best posts from the campaign, while reiterating with the cops: #maskup Kolkata.

Mask up or “vanish”


Who knew that the iconic scene between Mukul and Mandar Bose from Satyajit Ray’s Sonar Kella could help spread awareness! We love this version, and yes, please mask up Kolkata, if you don’t want to be a dushtu lok!

Goal-line save

For all the football fans in the house. Want to try volleying the virus away?

Virus is smart, but aren’t we smarter?

Is the Covid virus smarter than Virus aka Viru Sahastrabuddhe from Raju Hirani’s 3 Idiots? Seems like it, and thus, “safety should indeed be state-of-the-art” as we keep singing Aal Izz Well!

Towering bowler, cowering batter

Netizens were in splits as Kolkata police turned to the 6-feet-6-inch Kiwi allrounder Kyle Jamieson aka Killa to remind citizens of the need of the hour.

Sassing it up, and how

The image says it all. Period.

Nayak 2022 be like…

Want to brave the humki and dabrani of COVID and be at “the top, the top, the top” of the safety measures? Channel your inner Uttam Kumar to be your own Nayak. Here's how…

How to do Nabobarsho right

It’s January-end already, and in no time it will be April and Nabobarsho. And we need to steer clear of Covid to make the Nabobarsho subho.

Basanta in the time of Covid

It will soon be the Basanta ese geche days, and a Happy Holi. But we all have learnt the old proverb by heart by now (hopefully) that prevention is better than cure. While saying hi to colours, don’t say bye to masks.

Santa’s mask clause

Park street visit - check. Christmas OOTD, OOTN - check. Masks - majorly missing.

Result? We all know.

Moral of the story? Be merry, don’t be sorry.

If Saraswati is here, can Durga be far behind? But…

The countdown has already begun for the Bolo Dugga Mai Ki time of the year. However, the future is unknown, and till Durga thakur visits her baaper bari, we got to do what we got to do.

Stay safe, Kolkata!

Last updated on 27.01.22, 06:48 PM

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