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Tolly’s leading men are all for WFH selfie breaks

Why shouldn’t you Instagram like a celebrity? Bookmark these efficient photo ideas, ASAP

Pooja Mitra | Published 17.01.22, 08:29 PM
Dev, Gourab and Jeet rely on quirky candids to break the quarantine monotony

Dev, Gourab and Jeet rely on quirky candids to break the quarantine monotony


Who knew Tollywood’s leading men were so good with the self-timer? From Jisshu Sengupta and Dev to the iconic Prosenjit Chatterjee, some of Kolkata’s busiest men are making their quarantine count as they chronicle their work-from-home days for their followers. Here are some efficient, celebrity-approved hacks that can help you ace your Instagram skills.

The Jisshu Sengupta style:

Inspo 1: You may not have Jisshu’s flawless salt and pepper hair, but working out your best angles will always serve you well.


Inspo 2: Fitness is a priority especially during the quarantine mausam. A casual mirror selfie in your gym tank top is the simplest way to keep your feed topical.

The Prosenjit Chatterjee style:

Inspo 1: Step out into the sun for your next cup of tea, like Prosenjit. Don’t forget your self-timer.

Inspo 2: If you have a cosy corner and the right lamp, that’s all you need for a quick candid at the end of a long WFH day.

The Parambrata Chatterjee style:

Inspo 1: Home alone with nothing to do? Show off your living space like Parambrata.

Inspo 2: If you have a green patch in your home, go soak up the sun for some much-needed Vitamin D and don’t forget to take a snap.

The Abir Chatterjee style:

Inspo 1: Do you also have an I-woke-up-to-this skyline like Abir? Grab your cuppa and enjoy the view, and let others too…through your photo!

Inspo 2: We have said it before and we’ll say it again, don’t waste a dress-up day. If you’ve finally got yourself into some formals, take a snap!

The Jeet style:

Inspo 1: Jeet’s fierce bathrobe reel is simple and efficient.

Inspo 2: Having a good hair day? That calls for a photo!

The Dev style:

Inspo 1: Got a quirky shirt and a cool wall like Dev? Put it to good use on Instagram.

Inspo 2: Dev seems to be a fan of showing off his cheeky tee collection and we aren’t complaining.

The Ankush Hazra pose:

Inspo 1: If you’re not pausing for a sheet mask amid a workday. Are you even quarantining right?

Inspo 2: Even a simple tabletop game like carrom can help you de-stress. Ankush found his old carrom board and you should too!

The Gourab Chatterjee pose:

Inspo 1: Picked up a new sport during quarantine? Don’t forget to get the gear too, so you can show off your skills on Instagram. Gourab’s sunny cycling jersey gets full marks!

Inspo 2:  Have a comfy aram kedara? Grab some coffee and a self-timer like Gourab.

The Anirban Bhattacharya pose:

Inspo 1: There’s no better time to show off your massive bookcase and Anirban clearly agrees.

Inspo 2: Cosy corners can be very useful. A soft-focus light and a block print shirt can make a photo break worthwhile.

The Saswata Chatterjee pose:

Inspo 1: ‘Illumine’ even while bidding a good night, like Saswata.

Inspo 2: Monochrome silhouettes are timeless and Saswata clearly knows that.

The Riddhi Sen pose:

Inspo 1: If you’re out of new props, just pose with your guitar. A Godfather poster also helps.

Inspo 2: A casual night by the fairy lights as Coldplay sings ‘lights will guide you home,’ is a mood.

The Vikram Chatterjee pose:

Inspo 1: Messy hair, don’t care. Copy that, Vikram.

Inspo 2: A statement chair promises an Instagram-worthy photo. Bookmark this idea, ASAP.

Stay safe, stay home! And, keep those fab photos coming!

Last updated on 17.01.22, 08:29 PM

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