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Dancer Sambo Mukherjee’s new collab with artistes Tech Panda and Kenzani

The music video is seen in surreal locations in Ladakh, dancing to the melodic electronic track

Urvashi Bhattacharya | Published 11.01.22, 11:44 PM
Sambo Mukherjee  in Promised Land.

Sambo Mukherjee in Promised Land.

The Telegraph picture.

We have seen Sambo the dancer, Sambo the teacher and Sambo the choreographer but Tech Panda and Kenzani’s new music video shows him in a new light. Sambo Mukherjee has pushed his boundaries by starring, conceptualising and directing the visuals for the electronic duo’s new track, Promised Land. In the video, Sambo, being the protagonist, is seen in surreal locations in Ladakh, dancing to the melodic electronic track.

With the help of his iPhone, a drone and Swapnil (the editor), it took him about five days to put the video together, which crossed 300k views within the first 10 days of it’s release. Here’s a chat with the young dancer.

How did this collaboration take place?
I discovered Tech Panda and Kenzani’s music on SoundCloud in 2020 during quarantine and found their music different and underrated compared to their popularity today. Being inspired by the duo’s music and their take on electronic sounds got me hooked. I had uploaded a clip of my practice session on IGTV, dancing to the very track. Both showed their appreciation for the post  and Tech Panda immediately got back to me and we spoke about the visuals for Promised Land. Fast forward to 2021, I was heading for Ladakh for a project and Tech Panda reached out to create the visuals for Promised Land, four days prior to my trip.


What vision did you have for the video and how well were you able to implement it?
The vision was definitely inspired by the sound and the name of the track. It is a journey showing the protagonist (played by Sambo)  travelling and walking endlessly from forest to lake, from a Himalayan desert to the top of the mountain, seeking the untouched land, air, and water. Connecting with the universe and becoming a part of it instead of creating its own. But in reality home is not where you begin but come back to. The travel and experience help me grow and make me come back home an improved person.  It’s a full circle and a lesson in itself.
There is some mystery, an alternate reality of a better world with good karma and playfulness, which I could feel and it drew me towards it.

Tech Panda and Kenzani.

Tech Panda and Kenzani.

The scenes on the video look amazing. Where was it shot and how did you select the locations?
We shot this all over Ladakh. Some of the breathtaking locations were at Pangong Tso, Thiksey Monastery, Khardung-la Pass, Nubra Valley, Diskit Monastery, Shanti Stupa, Namgyal Stem Gompa, Khardung-la Pass, Shyok Valley, my favourite was a 300-year-old family home and finally the main highway to Leh city. It was one of the most epic experiences of my life. I got most of my footage from some of the roads on the way to these locations. I wanted to keep the locations surreal and fresh for the viewers. 

You were dancing in the video as well. Was it choreographed or freestyle?
It was freestyle. The dance in the video represents freedom and joy, every time I discover a new location. It’s not about feeling the song, it’s about portraying the feeling, which is a challenge.

You made the video using your iPhone and a drone?
People might think after watching this video that a lot of money and equipment went into it. I had two people with me, a drone operator who had just got his drone, and the other was the host, now a friend , who invited me to Ladakh to teach the community dance classes for free. I used my iPhone, the operator’s drone and a Panasonic Lumix camera. It took me a total of five days. I truly believe you don’t need fancy equipment or industry status to execute your vision. All you need is to be ambitious, creative and most importantly believe in your vision.

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