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Author interview

Luke Coutinho on 'Small Wins Every Day'

Celebrity lifestyle coach talks about breaking up larger goals and being consistent in his new book

Farah Khatoon | Published 25.05.23, 08:18 AM

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Celebrity lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho understands the collective power of ‘one step at a time’ and with his new book Small Wins Every Day he stresses on breaking up bigger goals into smaller ones and being consistent in reaching the ultimate target. With his fourth book, the health icon gives readers 100 powerful ways to transform life and health. Post his book launch in Mumbai, he talked about the book to TT, over Zoom. Excerpts:

It excites us readers and health enthusiasts every time you come out with a new book. Does it excite you too as an author when a new book is ready to hit the shelf?


Absolutely, it’s very exciting because there’s a lot of unlearning that we need to do. If I look at my first book now, there will be a lot I want to speak differently today because nutritional science and science are changing constantly. That’s why I am always excited about a new book because I am able to share the latest science and the latest testimonials of people who are making changes in their lives. It’s about sharing real-life examples of what people are doing to add value to their lives today.

The title of the book Small Wins Every Day seems to underscore the importance of everyday achievement. Can you elaborate on it?

We have realised that a lot of people make large goals. The most common thing that we know is that scores of people end up taking gym membership on the first of January and by the end of the week or month it’s all over. The point is how does the human mind work? It’s a very scientific concept and it works on neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. Some people can really work on achieving large goals but not everyone can; they need to break it down and get good at one thing, become consistent and then move on to the next. Consistency is important. The whole book is based on the success of our business model over the last nine years. It’s not magic, rather it’s because we are able to break down the client’s goals into very small wins and make them start winning one at a time. In desperation, people want to do everything. You can open any page of the book and say ‘Hey! I want to do this today’. So that’s what the book is about — small wins every day.

Do you also follow the same mantra in your life?

I don’t understand complications; simplicity comes naturally to me. Every aspect of life and health can be broken down into small achievements. So yes, I follow the same mantra, practice it, preach it and the rest of my team does that too.

The book transcends the boundaries of a healthy lifestyle or living. Tells us about that aspect of the book.

Yes, it’s for every aspect of life because good health is also a relationship. Your health can be destroyed because of a poor relationship. Again, a poor relationship can get better when you improve your health. When we are in low health we think negatively, we think from a very different space. So, the book talks about every aspect of life and the ways to win. We also give examples of how some of the most successful men in the world build their success over the years by doing small things but with consistency and discipline, which are two magical ingredients.

You have launched several books with Bollywood celebrities including Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Tamannaah Bhatia and others. And we also saw your recent Instagram post with chef Vikas Khanna. Is there something new brewing there?

We happen to be great friends and we caught up in New York and had beautiful conversations about food, life and everything. And you never know, there might be something great coming up soon.

You have worked with a lot of celebrities in the industry. Do you think their approach towards fitness has changed with changing times?

Absolutely. They don’t have a choice. No one has a choice. If we don’t change, we are losing. Most celebs are open to improving their health. Some of them have roles where they have to go through body transformation. There could be a hormonal imbalance and that’s where we come in. They are very aware and they are open to lifestyle medicines. What I like is the country is changing and it’s going to get better.

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