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Health  /  Published 10.06.21

Walk the right way

Maximise the benefits of walking, keeping a few simple tips in mind. SHOES: Go for walking shoes. Some running shoes may be all right for walking, but walking shoes are of special benefit. They&rsquo...
By The Telegraph

Health  /  Published 09.06.21

Vitamin D: Culprit for slouch

My mother slouches when she sits and stands. A slouch is bad for respiration — it does not give the lungs enough space to expand. It looks bad too. The slouch may be due to a lack of Vitamin D ...
By Dr Gita Mathai

Health  /  Published 18.11.20

Things to know before you get a tattoo

Tattoos are not something new; in ancient times, villagers tattooed their children using leaves and needles. The technology and the colours have changed. Instead of the traditional olive green, tattoo...
By Dr Gita Mathai

Health  /  Published 09.09.20

Fitness pro Sanjib Das on his foray into training

Tell us a bit about yourself... how did you get into fitness? I have been an avid cricketer — first division, university, club cricket. I used to be a batsman. I always had a passion for traini...
By Aniruddha Biswas

Health  /  Published 17.03.20

Don’t be chicken

I am scared about contracting Covid-19. Should I give up eating chicken?COVID-19, which is causing the present spate of infections, is spread by droplets from coughing or sneezing. It spreads only fro...
By Dr Gita Mathai

Health  /  Published 03.03.20

How the coronavirus can and cannot spread

A delicate but highly contagious virus, roughly one-900th the width of a human hair, is spreading from person to person around the world. The coronavirus, as it’s known, has already infected people ...
By Heather Murphy/New York Times News Service in New York

Health  /  Published 18.02.20

Hair-raising tales of hair loss

A woman in my knitting group recently asked if any of us knew where she could buy a grey wig. Though she seemed to have an ample head of hair, she reported that she’d been losing fistfuls every time...
By Jane E. Brody/NYTNS


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