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Yesterdate: This day from Kolkata’s past, December 13, 1903

Humour writer Shibram Chakrborty, was born on this day

Chandrima S. Bhattacharya | Published 13.12.22, 06:37 AM
Shibram Chakrborty

Shibram Chakrborty


One of the greatest humour writers in Bengali, Shibram Chakrborty, was born on this day. He created a world of delight and innocence.

Among Shibram’s characters were the two brothers, Harshabardhan and Gobardhan, whose adventures in the world, mostly restricted to their immediate environment, in which food was a very important element, were rendered more delicious by Shibram’s inventive use of language. He spelt his name in Bengali in such a way, breaking up the consonants or joining them absurdly, that the new spelling in itself became an act of self-deprecating humour.


Shibram also wrote poems, plays and novels. Bari Theke Paliye by him was made into a film by Ritwik Ghatak.

His autobiography Ishwar Prithibi Bhalobasa is a memorable, moving book. He was born into the Chanchal Rajbari (royal family) of Malda. As a school student, he joined the Swadeshi movement and did not complete his formal education.

He lived famously in his one room on Muktaram Babu Street and filled its walls with writing.

He faced financial difficulties and towards the end of his life received a pension from the state government.

He died on August 28, 1980.

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