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Art exhibition

T-shirts, mugs by special individuals

Designed by students at Autism Society

Jhinuk Mazumdar | Published 20.09.22, 07:07 AM
A student works at Autism Society West Bengal and (right) T-shirts designed by the students

A student works at Autism Society West Bengal and (right) T-shirts designed by the students

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Children and individuals with autism are designing T-shirts and mugs with their artwork.

The idea behind this project is to nurture their creativity that would help them acquire a skill that would enhance their chances of employability in future.


The students at Autism Society West Bengal have been working on this for the last one month.

“School cannot be for a lifetime. For a meaningful existence, we have to give them skills and opportunities,” said Mitu De, secretary, Autism Society West Bengal.

The print studio at the society aims to create meaningful engagement and customised employment for those who may find it difficult to secure a job in the open market.

De said such an initiative would also help break stereotypes that exist in the society.

“There are people who feel that individuals with autism can only make candles. But if guided properly they can do a lot more.”

The students of various age groups are making the designs that are printed on T-shirts and mugs with the help of a machine that has been donated to the society.

The endeavour is being led by two mother volunteers, Smriti Ghosh and Swati Mallik.

Currently, the printing is not being done by the students but eventually they would be trained to do that as well.

“The students are involved in several things from designing to packaging. It would only create more avenues for them,” said Ghosh.

“We have also got a few orders and are students are working on those,” she said. After the first set of T-Shirts was ready, the students showcased those in a ramp walk that was held on their own campus about a week back.

This show helped them garnar orders through social media and also gave them confidence. The society intends to give a stipend to those who are above 18 years of age.

Indrani Basu, the founder of Autism Society West Bengal, said the aim is to provide “some level of purposeful engagement and participation in the community.”

“We hope to run certified courses that will enable persons with developmental disability to set up a print studio with the support of their family,” said Basu.

Last updated on 20.09.22, 07:07 AM

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