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Celebrities, netizens, Instagrammers re-create trending reels

The latest rage on the ’gram has creators plunging into the pool of viral songs and trends, and giving their own spin on it

Jaismita Alexander | Published 25.02.24, 04:49 PM

In the last few days, several trends have been going viral on the ’gram. Content creators are using their full creative potential to remake the trending reels. When the song Chor by Justh went viral, people were mesmerised with the tune. But soon, the song was interpreted differently by different creators, who put out their take on it. Similarly, there are several other trends on Instagram that keep coming back to your feed in different versions. While some tickle the funny bone, some take the cake for their witty take on the original trend. Other reels are a visual treat! The celebrities have also taken a plunge into the pool of viral reels. So, on this edition of Reels of the Week, My Kolkata lists a few interesting trends which have taken over the reel world!

Song ‘Chor’ gets Madhuri Dixit moving too!

After the massive popularity of Jamal Kudu, Chor by Justh is gaining the same kind of popularity. Although it has a wholly different vibe, the song has taken the ’gram by storm. From renditions to dance covers, fun parodies to decoding the song lyrics — Chor is stealing the limelight! Even Madhuri Dixit Nene couldn’t stop herself from making a dance reel with her beautiful expressions. The reel by the evergreen Dhak Dhak girl will make you say Mera dil bhi leja!


When celebs decide your resolution

Besides entertaining the world and posing for the paps, celebrities are being burdened with the pressure to decide the people’s resolutions. Yes, this is the same trend that made Vijay Deverakonda save two girls’ careers who said they'll study only if Vijay commented on the reel. He did and even said that he'll meet them if they score 90%. Next, Alia Bhatt came to the rescue of her fan’s page who also wanted a comment. Similarly, @artarchives2407, did something cute! The artist said if Kriti Sanon commented on her reel, she would make five portraits of random people from the comment section! Kriti commented and now her followers are waiting for the portraits. This trend is a spin-off of a reel that a netizen named Cameron posted mentioning that he would buy from brands if they comment on his video. The brands jumped in and the comment section was soon a marketplace!

‘Ek Machhli’ game

If your reel feed is of people talking of some fish going into the water making a ‘chhapak’ noise, you are not alone. That's the trend that began with a fun game by Maan Tomar and his friends. It is very similar to the memory game we played as children. But it was all fun and ‘games’ till the trend was re-created in several versions. Recently, @viraj_ghelani posted a funny reel where he shows how his grandmother was infuriated to know that fish was in a non-vegetarian house! Similar reels of Bengalis playing the game but never completing it are also doing the rounds. The reason being Bengalis won't let the machhli go into the water, they would take it out, fry and eat it!

‘Nithur Monohor’ dance cover

The good thing about Instagram is that you get both funny and aesthetically pleasing content. Nithur Monohor is an original song by Ishaan এর Gaan. It is the first-ever original from Ishaan Mozumder and it has been a hit for its melodious folk tune and innocent lyrics. Dancers, especially classical dancers, have been making dance covers for reels with this song. Apart from the moves, the expressions of the dancers are a treat to watch. Check out this amazing performance by @kathaakar_bishal. A gold medalist from Rabindra Bharati University and a Kathak dancer, Kathaakar Bishal takes the dance cover to the next level.

Making faces, err… expressions

‘Sit-down’ dance or choreography went viral during the lockdown when people were confined in small rooms. The dancers sat down cross-legged and performed, only moving the upper part of their bodies, with the focus being on expressions. Now @sudhana28, a dancer and model from Mumbai is going viral with her expressions. She portrays complex human emotions through her expressions. Each reel of hers shows a very detailed facial expression. This has inspired many to make similar reels. Check out this amazing show of emotions in a reel.

Last updated on 25.02.24, 06:22 PM

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