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Varun Bahl’s quintessential summer couture 2022 collection

I do think that we are definitely moving towards an era of seasonless weddings, says the designer

Saionee Chakraborty | Published 14.07.22, 12:05 AM

Chic with an element of the timeless, Varun Bahl’s Quintessential Summer, the designer’s Summer Couture 2022 collection, is full of romance. “Upcycled embroidery” runs through the silhouettes, giving them the rich touch of craftsmanship. Varun, who started his design journey way back in 2001, tells The Telegraph how weddings are moving towards seasonless celebrations and what is his top tip for brides.

Quintessential Summer looks gorgeous! What is the mood like?


The mood for this collection elicits quirkiness and elegance mixed with a hint of fun and drama. The collection is inspired by real people, design history, Indian royalty, and a modern take on traditional embroideries. It features everlasting pieces that rethink tradition for the changing world and redefine the grandeur of Indian couture.

There are fluid designs that bring Indian couture into the global fashion culture. Every piece in Quintessential Summer is about upcycled embroidery, a burst of summer, and aims to redefine the way Indian couture is perceived all over the world.

Are you a summer person?

Spring-summer is truly my favourite season. The blooming flowers, the vivid colours, and the high spirits all around the world make for some wonderful inspiration.

What is your summer ritual?

I love being inspired by real people from all over the world and the rich heritage and histories of different countries and try to incorporate them into my own collections. So every summer I plan a trip to a new country and try to explore new cultures while meeting new people and learning about their lives.

Are we moving towards seasonless weddings?

I do think that we are definitely moving towards an era of seasonless weddings. The wedding trends have changed drastically over the last few years, and Gen Z brides prefer following a specific mood board for their wedding, despite the season. They prefer materials and silhouettes that are comfortable and relaxing all round the year, instead of sticking with a season-based outfit.

The new-age brides have started opting for more pastels, and more unique colour palettes for summer weddings. Today’s confident and powerful brides are no longer looking at the traditional bridal attire, even for summer weddings, but opting for a more modern, minimal and powerful look.

Have your tips for brides changed over the years?

There is just one tip that I give all my brides. Even though weddings are a stressful affair, it is really important to keep a clear mind, don’t stress too much, and be confident in the choices that you make and what you choose to wear as this day comes and goes very swiftly.

Pictures courtesy: Varun Bahl

Last updated on 14.07.22, 12:05 AM

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