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Say it with ceramics: Unique finds to add to your home decor

From planters and mugs to wall art and vases, these quirky, fun and elegant creations deserve a place in your home

Aatreyee Mohanta | Published 08.11.22, 06:09 PM
Quirky planters to dainty wall art, these ceramic creations are perfect for any aesthetic

Quirky planters to dainty wall art, these ceramic creations are perfect for any aesthetic


One’s home is an undeniably extension of one’s own personality. Decorating your space with things that speak to you — from quirky travel souvenirs from holidays to hand-picked coffee mugs — can be a rewarding experience in self-care. 

If you’re someone who enjoys collecting ceramics and earthenware, you know that this artform creates one-of-a-kind decor pieces that will fit in beautifully into your home no matter what your aesthetic is. 


Here are our ceramic picks from homegrown brands for your home this season…

Quirky planters

Want to give your plants a facelift? Well, then there’s no better way of doing that than with a ceramic planter. These adorable, bold planters will brighten up the corners of your home and add some vibrance to your home decor. Be it animal figures or abstract prints, there’s something for everyone.

Hand-painted mug

Enjoy your next steaming hot cuppa in this gorgeous hand-painted mug. With the scenery of a sunrise on the hills, the artistry of this creation is truly one to be appreciated. Skip the staid, boring cups and incorporate this piece of art into your self-care routine.

Cookie jar

With Christmas season sneaking up on us soon, how can you not lose your heart to this adorable cookie jar? The red, white and green is perfect for the festive season and the little joys like the Christmas wreath means it’ll fit right in with your other Yuletide baubles. Even if you don’t put cookies in it, you can always use it as an accent piece to brighten up your tablescape for your dinner parties. 

Hand-painted plates

These minimalistic hand-painted plates are delicate and chic. While you can use them to serve up meals, we think they would be a perfect fit as wall decor. Mix and match designs and hang these wall plates around your apartment. They will fit right in with most aesthetics, from minimalist to OTT (think of these against a textured, dark-coloured wall).

Minimalist vases

If floral arrangements make you happy, get your hands on these minimalist Pinterest-perfect vases. Use them for sunny blooms, dried flowers of even painted branches to add some pop and texture to the corners of your home.


Who doesn’t love customisation for their homes! This ceramist creates custom basins for your home and much more. You can pick the size, the design and even the shape. Make your space unique and truly your own with these personalised pieces. 

Floral wall mural

Wall murals are a great way to add texture and colour into your home. This three-dimensional wall art installation brings sakura flowers to life. The pink hues of the flowers against the ivory of the plates create a dainty picture and textural contrast that is perfect to add some feminine flavour to your space. 

Beer mug

Enjoy a chilled mug of beer at home but this time pour it into this aztec-themed ceramic mug. The details on this mug are one-of-a-kind and if you’re craving the Hawaiian vibe, this is definitely one to add to your shopping cart. 

Last updated on 08.11.22, 06:09 PM

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