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Give your home garden a glow-up with these gorgeous planters

From wooden planters and and ceramic pots to metallic pieces and quirky shapes, dive into the world of planters to pamper your plants

Aatreyee Mohanta | Published 22.04.22, 06:35 PM
A planter Ferris wheel stand by Nestasia (L) and a hedgehog plant holder by Mora Taara

A planter Ferris wheel stand by Nestasia (L) and a hedgehog plant holder by Mora Taara

Whether you have low-light plants, stately succulents or even some chic ferns in your home garden, they could all use a better-looking home. If you’re spending hours on nurturing healthy plants, you can probably spare a few bucks to give your gorgeous foliage a glam-up.

Ditch the ruddy, earthen pots this summer and go for unique planters that will give your plants a new home and also double up as cool accent pieces. 

Metal planters


Metal accents can add a chic vibe to almost any indoor space. If you love classy elegant decor, Fleck’s rose gold metal planters are perfect. They are wide enough to support the weight of your plants and will help brighten up any corner of your house. They are also available in gold, silver and brass.

Humble baskets

If you’re all about the bohemian vibe, these cute woven baskets by Mora Taara are a great way to introduce texture into your home. The neutral colours will complement almost any colour scheme and the best part is, you can change which plant you house in the baskets. 

Figurine planters

Is it a planter? Is it a figurine? It’s both! These utilitarian pieces are good for living rooms, balconies, foyers and dining spaces. The June Shop has ceramic Buddha planters in earthy shades that are great for succulents, ferns, air plants and mini indoor plants. The planter also comes with a drainage hole for easy handling of the smaller plants.

Wooden planters

This sleek wooden planter is perfect for minimal homes. The This or That vase/pot by Halfdot is multi-functional. You simply need to turn it over and it has a whole new look!

Classic ceramics

Ceramics remain the undefeated favourite when it comes to versatile decor. Harla Art offers a number of stylish monochrome planters, from small table planters to large outdoor pots. 

Sculpted pots

Nestasia offers minimalist textured pots and sculpted planters which add a discerning touch to the green corners of your home. You’ll also find matte pots in soft pastels which are good for tables. Our favourites? Horizontal Chevron Pot Small, Black Scalloped Pot Large, Peach Textured Pot With Plate and Orange And White Planter Pot.

Modern picks

Geometric planters are an easy way to add a personal touch to any wall or tablescape. ReStory’s modern, elegant planters are sustainable and easy to mix and match!

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