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Raksha Bandhan

These animated reels on Raksha Bandhan will melt your heart

The animation artists on Instagram gifted us some cute reels on sibling bonds this past week

Jaismita Alexander | Published 03.09.23, 04:52 PM

While growing up with siblings, most of us have many memories of the legendary battle over the television remote. More often than not, the reason was cartoons. However, there was this one make-peace cartoon or animated show every sibling duo bonded over. So, this week, while celebrating Raksha Bandhan, My Kolkata discovered a world of animated reels that aptly capture the essence of the festival and the sibling bond.

Every Rakhi-tying ritual ever!

Raksha Bandhan originally began as a ritual and promise to protect the sister from all evil. But can we deny it's not just protection that we demand? Being pampered with gifts is first on the priority list! @abhiiijeetslays_, in his Raksha Bandhan-special animated reel, portrays the ‘give and take’ conversation all siblings have while tying the Rakhi around the wrist. The audio from the movie Hera Pheri is a bonus to this relatable and funny reel!


The blackmailer sibling

When your sibling knows your secrets, the game is over for you. The only way to keep their mouth shut is to pamper them and fulfil their demands. @doodlenation2.0, through his reel, reminds us how Raksha Bandhan is another day when you can blackmail your siblings with just a, “Papa ko bata dun?” and tick off your wishlist.

Raksha Bandhan ft. Cadbury Dairy Milk

How can we forget the iconic Raksha Bandhan gift that we all get every year? A Rakhi ritual without the exchange of a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate once seemed incomplete. When Silk made its entry, for the next few years it was a patent gift on Raksha Bandhan. We cannot also leave the festive packs out! @anymootion's reel brings back that nostalgia and simple joy of receiving a Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk that we later share with our siblings.

An ode to the brother

Sibling squabbles come naturally, but can we deny that our brothers and sisters are a part of our soul. The arch enemy we love to death, and we cannot imagine our life without them. @_potatoface__, in this uber emotional reel, talks about how the best gift she received from her parents was her brother. Keeping aside all the bickering, this reel reminds us our precious siblings are!

Raksha Bandhan away from home

Finally, this reel from @mimithedoodler sums up the bitter feeling of being away from home on Raksha Bandhan for the first time. In seven seconds this artist summed up the pain of a sister or a brother missing their sibling all the more on this particular day.

Last updated on 03.09.23, 04:52 PM

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