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Rohan Ghose’s ‘Mukti’ tells the tale of political prisoners

Set in 1931, the new series revolves around a conspiracy and a football match that pits the Indian revolutionaries against the British

Published 17.01.22, 12:41 AM

The Telegraph

The trailer of Mukti, a Zee5 Original, created and directed by Rohan Ghose (picture right), dropped recently. The series stars Ritwick Chakraborty, Arjun Chakrabarty and Ditipriya Roy in the lead while being supported by a stellar cast that includes Chandreyee Ghosh, Shaheb Chattopadhyay, Chitrangada Satarupa and Sudip Sarkar amongst others.

Set in the year 1931 against the backdrop of Midnapore Central Jail, the story revolves around the transformative journey of the newly appointed deputy jailer Ramkinkar (Ritwick) who has to navigate a minefield of a jail filled with revolutionaries and other political prisoners of the day. A cruel superintendent-in-waiting, Alfred Petty (played by Carl Harte) has pushed the jail into the brink of anarchy when Ramkinkar comes up with the idea of playing an exhibition match pitting the Indian prisoners against the British under the watchful eyes of Lord Cuthbert, the deputy governor general. Although his plan was originally to bring a semblance of balance in the jail, little does he know that the prisoners are planning something huge behind his back that can send shock waves across the Empire all the way to London. The trailer shows glimpses of his personal life as well as of the society at that time, which was poised at the final onslaught for freedom.


The trailer of 'Mukti', a Zee5 Original, was released on January 14

“The concept was brought to me by Trinanjan Chakroborty, a historian and old friend and was written by me along with Joydip Banerjee and Soumit Deb. I was sure from the get-go that I would be directing a nationalistic piece of work but never a jingoistic one. Some uncomfortable truths about the mindset of the Bengali middle-class have been posed in the series. A mixed bag of emotions shall hopefully keep the viewers hooked to a story that we felt was very important for us to tell,” said Rohan.

The series streams on Zee5 from January 26 onwards and has been produced by Fatfish Entertainment.

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