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OnePlus Monitor E 24 gets the basics right and is perfect for all work-from-home needs

Budget smartphones obviously come with a number of compromises, which was not the case in pre-pandemic times

Mathures Paul | Published 20.07.23, 11:21 AM
OnePlus Monitor E 24 is perfect for most household desktops

OnePlus Monitor E 24 is perfect for most household desktops

Pictures: The Telegraph

Computer monitors are something that gets replaced every few years and most of us don’t want to spend an eye-watering amount on it. At the same time, we need a monitor that can be used as an external one while working on a laptop or a MacBook. That’s where the OnePlus monitor comes in. OnePlus Monitor E 24 looks fine, it’s well built, it has almost all the ports you need and it has a good display panel.

Who is this for?


Ninety per cent users have a basic desktop computer or mini PC to get work done from home. Hybrid work is here to stay and so are PCs. At the same time, you want to connect your laptop to a monitor when you work from home. You’d like a larger, easier-to-read screen for documents, spreadsheets, and web browsing. But why splurge?

The OnePlus Monitor is just perfect, especially because of one feature — it allows USB-C to USB-C connectivity. Most laptops these days support an external monitor via USB-C and this one supports that format. Not only can you send a signal to the display, it can also charge your laptop on a single cable.

Unboxing experience

The name gives away the screen size, which is 24 inches. The box is well-designed for an inexpensive device such as this. There is a USB-C to USB-C connector, HDMI cable and power cable and adapter.

The monitor is easy to set up. Place the display on a table. The metal stand requires you to take out the screwdriver and once you place the monitor on the stand, everything is self-explanatory and it will take hardly five minutes to assemble.

Just 8mm thick, the display has very thin bezels on three sides and the IPS panel can be adjusted between minus five degrees and 15 degrees.

Though the stand is well-designed and there is a way to keep all the cables in one place, the wires are pretty much visible.

It’s all about the display

It’s a full HD IPS 1920x1080 display with 16:9 aspect ratio. It’s standard but the quality of the display is quite good. There is a matte finish, so the lights in your room won’t reflect on the monitor. It’s mainly designed for the work-from-home crowd though you can do some gaming.

There is a joystick-like button at the back to tackle the controls. I am not a big fan of the system but after five minutes I got used to it and once adjusted, one wouldn’t need to revisit the settings again and again.

Colour reproduction is accurate and it can display more shades of colour than typical computer screens. There is also excellent black stablisation. While inexpensive, it supports 75Hz refresh rate. I know that’s not a lot when it comes to gaming but it’s better than 60Hz. Also, 75Hz helps on most occasions it makes everything appear smoother and more responsive. Adaptive Sync technology helps with dynamic frame rate management.

There are a few modes that you can take advantage of — gaming, movie, picture, web and standard. I have kept it to ‘movie’ mode.

Also, there is TUV Rheinland certification, which allows you to work for hours without hurting the eyes. The certification is for low blue light and flicker-free visuals.

Should you buy it?

Two things are missing — an internal speaker and the ability to adjust the monitor vertically on the stand. These two features would be asking for too much at the given price point (Rs 11,999). Otherwise, OnePlus Monitor E 24 gets the basics right and is perfect for all work-from-home needs.

Last updated on 20.07.23, 11:21 AM

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