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NYE party

A handbook on how to plan the best house party on New Year's Eve

Keep things simple, classy and fun!

Aatreyee Mohanta | Published 28.12.22, 06:02 PM
Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal at a New Year's party in 'When Harry Met Sally'

Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal at a New Year's party in 'When Harry Met Sally'


If you’re planning to skip the hassle of partying in a club this New Year’s Eve, plan a fun and cosy house party with your BFFs. While the task may seem daunting, it all comes down to planning in advance and having a foolproof party system in place.

That way not only will you, as the host, have a great time but your guests will enjoy it too. Take a look at our pro-tips on how to plan the best NYE party…


Decorate your home with a photo booth

Fairy lights, selfie props, New Year themed balloons — these are essential to have #Lit NYE party. Pick a cute spot around the house like your balcony or even an empty wall in your living room will do. Decorate it with help from your friends for photo ops. Pick a trend from Instagram and make a reel with your friends and pose for selfies all night long to keep the spirits high.

Make it a BYOB event

Wondering what BYOB means? Bring Your Own Booze, of course! Don’t get into the complication of buying 10 different kinds of alcohol for your guests. Everyone has their own preference of drinks — be it gin, whisky, rum, tequila, beer or even wine. Have glasses and drink mixers ready along with lots of lime and ice. If you’re feeling fancy, you can even make a batch of warm mulled wine!

Plan a theme for the party

It is always more fun if you add a theme to your party. This makes it more interactive and fun, ensuring your guests take that extra effort to look and feel good. You can either go for the classic Bollywood theme or dress up in a fancy black tie outfit. If you want to take it up a notch, set a whacky theme, like dressing up as popular memes and even one’s dating preferences (get dressed in red for a red flag, IYKYK!)

Help your single friends mingle

As the host, it is your moral responsibility to introduce your single friends to each other, because who wouldn’t like to be kissed at the stroke of midnight? Introduce your friends to each other with thoughtful details and play matchmaker by helping them get in the groove. Give them their privacy but also make sure they don’t feel alienated from the party. If you don’t shoot the Cupid’s arrow now, then who will?

Make an OG playlist keeping the occasion in mind

Music can make or break your party. Take the time to make a playlist that will surely help everyone get into the groove and skip the New Year blues. Keep classic dance numbers like Pappu Can’t Dance and Uff Teri Adaa, along with some Punjabi hits by AP Dhillon and Diljit Dosanjh. Don’t forget fun numbers by Anu Malik and Himesh Reshammiya!

Keep the food menu simple

If you overcomplicate the menu, you’ll have to do all the cooking and even worse, the clean-up afterwards. Go for simple finger foods like frozen chicken nuggets and potato bites that you can easily deep-fry before your guests arrive and use casseroles to keep the snacks warm. You can even suggest a potluck to your friends, making it a great way for everyone to get equally involved in planning the party.

You can also make one easy no-fuss dish for the main course, like a much-loved pasta or a big one-pot roast, which you can whip up in no time and with minimal prep. Have lots of chakhna like bhujiya, potato chips, chanachur and even nachos with dips.

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