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Fashion designer Rimi Nayak tells how to ace the resortwear look

We had clients from around the country including celebrities who wanted our designed range of products for their travel

Saionee Chakraborty | Published 15.09.21, 03:09 AM
Clockwise from top left: Lakshmi Manchu in Rimi Nayak India, Escape in Paradise, Mouni Roy in Rimi Nayak India

Clockwise from top left: Lakshmi Manchu in Rimi Nayak India, Escape in Paradise, Mouni Roy in Rimi Nayak India

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Easy, relaxed and a sense of freedom. Resortwear has always had a zen appeal combined with wanderlust. The pandemic, while holding our freedom hostage for most parts, has also triggered getaways to the stunning Maldives or the perennial favourite, Goa. Fashion designer Rimi Nayak, known for easy-breezy styles, has been hard at work, trying to meet several travel deadlines. She shot a part of her latest resortwear line ‘Escape in Paradise’, in Maldives. Rimi chats with us about the resortwear shopping patterns and classics.

What do you think is the spirit of resortwear?


The concept of resortwear, which started as a capsule collection during pre-World War II in Europe for the privileged jet-set who took holidays in winter to escape the cold, has now evolved into a major part of the fashion ecosystem. Resortwear collections allow you to escape in style, whether you choose to travel or not, by adding a feel of ease and joy into your wardrobe.

With Maldives and Goa becoming popular getaways in the last one year, there must have been a spurt in the resortwear space. What kind of patterns do you see emerging? What are people packing?

Since the pandemic, if there is one common thing that everyone missed the most, it was travelling. And so once the travel restrictions were eased and a few places allowed tourists, people really wanted to travel and take a break from the current situation. Goa and Maldives have been go-to places for everyone and therefore there has been a surge in demand for resortwear clothing.

We had clients from around the country including celebrities who wanted our resortwear range for their travel.

Mostly people were looking for kaftans, dresses and co-ord sets in bright tropical prints for their travel. Even the overlays were very much in demand as clients wanted it mostly over their swimsuits.

The Maldives pictures look absolutely stunning. Tell us about the prints that we see.

The collection consists of different types of separates, dresses and kaftans in crepe, satin and organza fabrics. It is a flowy, wearable and stylish collection with abstract and organic flora and fauna prints in vibrant and happy colours.

What are resortwear classics?

Kaftans, kimonos, slip dresses and easy overlays are resortwear classics.

How are people experimenting?

Today I feel the customers are extremely well researched of the current trends and they are open towards trying newer silhouettes according to the fashion trends but they prefer to style their clothes in their own way, according to their personality. So separates are a key and customers are experimenting with their looks by mixing and matching various separates from their wardrobes to create their own unique look.

Given the situation we are in, we would like to pack in as little as possible. Some of your silhouettes can be styled in several ways. Give us some examples of multifunctional outfits and ways to style them.

We specialise in making separates which can be styled in different ways, co-ordinating with various outfits. Like our co-ord sets consisting of trousers, top and overlay can be worn separately with other outfits. Our popular style, printed kaftan overlay in organza, can be worn as a kaftan dress with an inner slip or swimsuits and also can be worn with pants and top to give a more formal look. Most of our outfits can be dressed up or dressed down with the choice of co-ordinating separates and accessories.

What would you say are the must-haves?

A well-fitted swimsuit, a multifunctional overlay, a dress and a kaftan are the must-haves if you are planning a resort holiday.

What are great resortwear accessories?

The look of the outfit can completely change with the accessories you style them with. Statement neckpieces, hoops or long tassel earrings, sunglasses, comfortable flip-flop shoes and a big hat are some of the staple resortwear accessories.

Give us some great beach-to-bar looks...

When you want to hit the bar straight from the beach, there are some silhouette options you can carry that you can slip on over your swimsuits and head straight to the bar after a good time on the beach. Kaftans, slip-on dresses, shirt dresses, skirts and overlay jackets are the ideal options to oomph up your beach-to-bar look.

Tell us about your personal favourites... what would you pack in?

My most favourite is kaftan. I personally like anti-fit clothing and I love the comfortable fit of the kaftans. So it’s like my resortwear staple along with long maxi dresses and also sheer overlays to team with swimwear.

Your favourite resort getaways would be?

I am more of the sea and the beach person. I can never get enough of the vast expansive sea meeting the sky at a distant horizon. So the majority of my travel has been at beach resorts around the globe. For a quick getaway Krabi is my favourite. Also, though I have been to a few beaches in Italy, but it’s on my wish list is to visit all the beach towns of Italy some day.

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