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FIFA World Cup 2022

Football lingo handbook: Fun abbreviations you must learn this World Cup season

Chuckle away and don’t forget to propagate!

Pooja Mitra | Published 24.11.22, 03:27 PM


Every other day, you’ll find something trending or going viral on social media. The latest addition to the list is SSFF — an abbreviation that has got netizens donning the Sherlock hat to unearth its full form. Although that is ‘work in progress’, we at My Kolkata have prepared a lingo handbook with a few terms that feature in our everyday dialogues — in some shape, form or manner — this World Cup season. Use them freely, slide into DMs or drop on group chats and thank us later.

SSFF: Shyiter Sondhyey Fuluri aar FIFA

The FIFA World Cup, the much awaited dip in temperature, gorom gorom fuluri and cha — what else do you need to unwind? Calling over football-minded buddies (yes that is a legit term) or bae (who obviously also shares the mutual love and interest in this case) is now made easier. Just type SSFF and let an evening of 'Shob Khelar Shera, Bangalir Tumi football' unroll.

HHBH: Hi Hayro, bye Hayro

Winning or losing is all part of the game. And a healthy banter among football fans only makes it spicier. Saudi Arabia beating Argentina can thus be “subtly” celebrated with a simple, innocent HHBH on the Argentina fan friend’s DM.

GBLD: Goal for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Another cute and absolutely harmless leg-pulling acronym you can use on all those days to come when your team slays and you find your pal sobbing secretly.

FSB: Football Season Breakup

High chances... Almost inevitable in several cases. Date nights, long drives, movies, couple cooking, brisk walks — everything can really wait for 90 minutes. Please. Understand. This. Dear bae. The World Cup happens every four years. Be a darling, will you? FSB is the last resort and Ross and Rachel were really on a break, just saying…

SLFF: Sick Leave for FIFA Final

There’s already a nip in the air. Thus, it is likely that you may get an attack of cough, cold, fever, headache, nausea etc. Funny stomach, eye itch, jammed fingers, twitching toe nails, acute dandruff attack, acne marathon too can happen, for real. Texting the manager SLFF should suffice, no?

GFKB: Gully FIFA Khelbi Bhai?

Weekends are almost here and the time between matches can be best utlised training the mind and eye to follow the next match better. GFKB sounds like a plan. Are you game?

DAJLMF: Dekhbi Aar Jwolbi, Luchir Moton Phulbi

A timeless proverb/taunt coming to the rescue, and how!

HKJBKH: Haar Kar Jeetnewaaley Ko Baazigar Kehte Hai

Remember SRK’s famous line? It’s now the official mantra for the Argentina fans.

Last updated on 24.11.22, 03:33 PM

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