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How to style leather in summer, and stay cool

From edgy harnesses to classic Oxfords, let these leather accessories add some drama to your summer wardrobe

Aatreyee Mohanta | Published 08.04.22, 05:44 PM

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Leather — the age-old go-to to add a touch of grunge and make any outfit go from just cool to edgy. The ’70s saw leather jackets and boots become the rage, and they have remained timeless fashion classics ever since. But, it seems like 2022 is the year that leather shows its oomph.

While Sandy’s classic all-black, bold lip look from Grease and Kim Kardhashian’s recent dramatic leather ensemble are oh-so Gucci, our tropical summers are not ideal for that unrestrained (no pun intended) leather look

But fret not, with new experiments with leather accessories — from body belts and corset to belt bags and pop-coloured brogues — this material can be cleverly styled to add drama to your summer look.

It’s time to bring out the corsets

With corsets being back in trend, take this opportunity to invest in a good leather corset that you can layer over dresses and shirts to give you a flattering shape and your outfit an added edge. Since this accessory is quite the eye-catcher, keep your hair and makeup minimal to let the leather do the talking. 


If a full corset is not what you’re looking for, then go for a corset belt. The corset-style shape of the belt draws in your waist and elongates your torso just like a full corset but with fewer trappings. Some, like these vegan leather corset belts, even have a neat little bag. 

It’s a belt. It’s a bag. It’s a style statement

Leather belts and leather bags are a staple in most closets, but what happens when they up their ante and become more than just classic and utilitarian? Enter the belt bag. High-fashion and extremely functional, these belt bags have been in trend for some time now. An upgrade from boring fanny packs, they are a great fashion accessory and you can carry any valuables without the fuss of a handbag.

Grunge it up in a body belt

The latest accessory in the leather world is the body harness. If you’re going the whole way and want to transform a simple dress or shirt into a trendy OOTD, go for the full body harness with metal buckles and multiple straps.

If you’re looking for just a touch of grunge but want to still keep it chic, or you want to transform a simple day look into a stylish night one, opt for a sleek body belt that makes for a perfect #GirlBoss look. Pick from a variety of designs according to what best suits your body type and the world is your runway.

More than a classic leather bag

Leather needn’t only be grunge, it's also classic. A leather bag is a timeless classic, but what if you could zhuzh it up? Ditch the traditional handy bag and get a statement leather piece that will make you stand out in the crowd. Handcrafted in bright colours, this will fit right into your aesthetic if grunge isn’t the theme of the day.

Timeless, with a pop, to strut your stuff

A heeled leather boot will last you a lifetime and there isn’t an outfit in the world that won’t pair well with it. A clean-cut style with just a little bit of strappy drama — be it formals or casuals, these shoes will help you strut out in the world with confidence.

The time when a classy Oxford had to be either brown or black, or a men’s accessory, is long gone. These brogues are anything but plain and if you want to quirk it up with a pop of colour, this unique piece that shows off leather craftsmanship is the one for you. Pair it with a pant-suit or a dress and you’ll be effortlessly chic.


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