Comfy juttis to quirky boots — pick the right pair of shoes to go with your bridal outfit

It may not be the glass slippers, but there’s a perfect pair for you out there

Aatreyee Mohanta Published 12.12.22, 07:54 PM
From custom bridal sneaker-heels to juttis and more, check out these #glamshoes

From custom bridal sneaker-heels to juttis and more, check out these #glamshoes Instagram

A gorgeous pair of bridal shoes are a must in the bride’s wardrobe or else the entire look may get ruined. It can be a pair of heels, flats or juttis, but it should pair well with the outfit on your special day.

The best way to tell if you’ve picked the right shoes is if you’re comfortable in them, all while letting your inner diva out. But you need not take any chances. Remember to break into your shoes only before the event to save yourself a shoe bite.


Here are our top picks for the prettiest bridal footwear you can wear this wedding season…

For the quirky bride

For a bride who likes unique and quirky, these custom-made bridal sneaker-wedges are a must! They have the edge of sneakers with the oomph of heels, and not to forget the embellishments and embroidery. You can get these shoes customised to match your lehenga and even pick the height of the heels. How cool is that!

For the comfy bride

If you are a bride who prioritises comfort over style, we’re happy to tell you that you can now have both! These hand painted slip-on pairs are bright, fun and so comfortable. You can even pick the colour and the design you want. We say, go for two different designs on each shoe to add more fun to your looks. Say bye-bye to shoe bites and hello to lots of fun and dancing!

For the traditional bride

Want to have an elegant and traditional look for your wedding? Then these juttis are the one for you. The pearl embellishments and beaded embroidery add a retro charm to these shoes and you can even wear them to other events after your wedding. But first go for the ivory and red look to match your wedding day outfit.

For the minimalist bride

If your aesthetic is a minimal one, these peach coloured, embellished wedge heels are a match made in heaven for you (along with your beau, of course!). These chunky heels will make your life easier and you can even dance the night away at your sangeet. The delicate embroidery on the bands of the shoes makes it one-of-a-kind, while the embroidery on the heels add an extra oomph.

For the edgy bride

If you want to wear boots to your wedding, who is anyone to stop you? After all, you are the bride! These edgy grunge-meets-peak-feminine energy boots are gorgeous to say the least. The embroidery on organza gives these shoes a great sheen while the chunky gems on the heels make it festive and perfect for the cocktail night party!

For the OTT bride

Velvet and zari embroidery, mirror work along with tassels on shoes? Sign us up ASAP. These OTT pair of shoes will match your #diva energy through and through.The geometric criss-cross pattern on the shoes adds glamour, which will make your outfit look perfect! The one-toe strap and the heels also ensure you’re just as comfortable as you are pretty!

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