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Phuchka punch: Four Kolkata spots for the trendiest treats

These stalls and chains are serving up the street-food favourite, but with a twist

Vedant Karia | Published 17.11.21, 06:46 PM

Pravesh Panipuriwala

Pravesh Yadav has been selling phuchkas from his stall near Woodlands Hospital in Alipore since 2015. He makes 17 different types of the street-food favourite as well as other items like ghugni and papdi chaat. The hot ghugni phuchka and the tomato phuchka, with a chatpata filling of diced tomatoes and onions, and chutneys, are his best selling creations. Dig in for Rs 50 per plate.

Pravesh Yadav dishes out treats like 'ghugni phuchka' and chaat-style tomato phuchka


With multiple outlets in north and south Kolkata, from Dum Dum to Garia, Puchkaman has become a frontrunner in bringing hygienic street food to Kolkata in its three years. While they do serve the usual Kolkata favourite, and chaat-like varieties like dahi phuchka, they’re known for their unique creations. The Corn Cheese Phuchka is stuffed with a sweet corn-and-cheese mix, garnished with oregano and served with a special dip, while the Pan Fried Maggi Phuchka has a schezwan Maggi filling. The twistiest of the selection are the non-veg phuchkas with chicken and fish filling, and the Chocolate Puchka which has crumbled warm brownie and whipped cream topped with chocolate chips and sprinklers. Prices start at Rs 40 a plate for the Kolkata special aloo phuchka.


Puchkaman has the ultimate phuchka menu


Started in 2018, Puchkalicious currently serves 18 varieties of phuchkas at its outlets in City Centre New Town and RDB Cinemas. Their menu says “Classic Puchkas with Punches'' and their offerings live up to the name. The Kurkure-stuffed phuchka packs the punch of crunchy Kurkure with tamarind and pudina water. There is also a Corn Mayo Cheese Puchka which is a treat for all palates. Prices start at Rs 50 a plate for the classic phuchka.

Puchkalicious dishes out 18 offbeat 'phuchkas'

Agra Chaat Centre

This stall near City Centre Salt Lake is responsible for bringing the suji phuchka from Agra to Kolkata in 1999. Apart from the special puri made of suji, the phuchka has a simple but tasty filling of sliced potatoes, pudina water and a sweet chutney prepared from dates. It’s also pocket-friendly at Rs 30 per plate.

Sample the Agra treat in Kolkata at Agra Chaat Centre

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