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Battlegrounds Mobile India will be available for play starting May 29

Here's a look at five other multiplayer games besides BGMI

Rajdeep Kumar Roy (t2 Intern) | Published 29.05.23, 10:47 AM

After a ban of several months, Battlegrounds Mobile India is set to make a comeback in the Indian market. The multiplayer battle royale game has had a very big fan base in India since 2018 when the gaming app was called Players Unknown Battlegrounds Mobile, which got banned due to security concerns and was soon relaunched under the name Battlegrounds Mobile India or BGMI but again, on July 28 last year, the game was removed from Google Play and App Store.

Fans were not happy and many moved to playing other multiplayer games, like Free Fire Max and Call of Duty Mobile. On Saturday, Krafton announced that Battlegrounds Mobile India is available to preload for all Android users while the game will be playable — even for iOS users — May 29 onwards.


Since there is a chance that the number of downloads could be high, so Krafton will stagger the availability and playability of BGMI. The new update will introduce a new map, in-game events and more. On the sidelines of the availability of the game, Krafton has also launched a new marketing campaign, India Ki Heartbeat, that showcases the stories of gamers who embody the essence of BGMI as more than just a game.

“We are consistently striving to deliver a smooth gameplay experience to our users and are excited to welcome everyone back,” said Sean Hyunil Sohn, CEO, Krafton India

Now, let’s look at five other multiplayer games besides BGMI.

Free Fire Max

Garena’s Free Fire Max is an intense battle royale game where 50 participants are deployed onto a secluded island, engaging in a fight for survival by eliminating opponents. In the game, players have the freedom to select their initial drop location using parachutes and must strive to remain within the safe zone for as much time as they can. They can traverse the map by driving vehicles, strategically planning their actions to endure until the final stage. To achieve victory in the matches, players need to scavenge for weapons, remain within the designated play area, loot fallen adversaries and emerge as the sole survivor.

Mini Militia: Doodle Army 2

It offers thrilling multiplayer warfare where you can engage in combat with a maximum of six players in a 2D cartoon-style environment. This game evokes nostalgia for the ’90s and is widely regarded as one of the most enjoyable titles available on Play Store. It boasts various features including online multiplayer capabilities accommodating up to six players, user-friendly dual stick shooting controls combined with jetpack flight, a diverse selection of over 20 maps to discover, a vast array of modern and futuristic weaponry, as well as an offline Survival mode for solo play.

Among Us

It is an online multiplayer game that accommodates a group of four to 15 players. The objective is to prepare a spaceship for departure, but there’s a twist: some players among the group are impostors who are determined to eliminate everyone and prevent the spaceship from taking off. In this game, crewmates must work together to uncover the identity of the impostor and expel them from the spaceship before they succeed in eliminating everyone.

Asphalt 9: Legends

It stands out as a top-tier racing game. With a vast collection of over 150 cars and an impressive selection of 185 tracks spanning several real-world locations, it offers an immersive racing experience. The game boasts an extensive solo career mode with over hundres of races to conquer, as well as the ability to engage in thrilling eight-player multiplayer competitions. One of the standout features of Asphalt 9 is its remarkable race tracks, featuring a variety of ramps that enable players to execute mind-boggling aerial stunts with their cars, adding an extra level of excitement to the gameplay.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has gained immense popularity as a widely-acclaimed game featuring a vast open world situated in the captivating realm of Teyvat. As the protagonist, you embark on a journey across this expansive land in search of answers, having been separated from your sibling. Along the way, you encounter The Seven, divine entities representing different elemental powers, from whom you seek guidance. In your exploration of the expansive world, you will encounter both friendly individuals and adversaries. Notably, Genshin Impact incorporates an exhilarating combat system, complemented by gacha mechanics that allow players to unlock and collect a diverse range of characters with unique abilities.

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