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Abir and Arpita go down memory lane with 'Abar Bochhor Koori Pore'

'The script made me nostalgic. It is the story of our generation' says the actor in a chat with The Telegraph

The Telegraph | Published 26.02.22, 05:17 AM

The film Abar Bochhor Koori Pore, starring Abir Chatterjee, Arpita Chatterjee, Rudranil Ghosh and Tnusree C, is about a reunion of school friends. On the sets, it felt like a reunion for the team. Real met reel somehow. The film, which released recently, is taking viewers down memory lane. The Telegraph had a chat with Abir and Arpita....

What are the high points of the film?


Abir: The script made me nostalgic. It is the story of our generation. While we were discussing the script, or when shooting or dubbing, memories flooded back. It took me back to those times... when our careers, dreams and ambitions had started taking off, developing... it’s about how our friends were growing up, who were our friends, what are they reading or watching... how are they being affected by socio-political issues.... all our thoughts come from this and later we go on our separate paths and choose our careers. All of us live through those friendships, and those moments give us the energy, motivation. The film looks at both the periods... the past times and how the friendship has shaped in present times. I feel everyone will connect to the film and will get to revisit the golden days.

There are very few Bengali films that capture the time when people get into their jobs after passing out from college and then leave the city. Suddenly, that tight group of friends are no longer together in the same place. They are scattered across the country or the world. That particular time.

Arpita: Now the modes of communication are smooth. But 20 years ago things were very different. We have shown it in the film, how relationships have been affected because of the lack of communication.

Abir: Now you can video call anyone. But back then you had make plans to do an STD call, or how to mail a letter. This film shows that journey.

Arpita: I found the storyline of this film to be very honest, flawless. The story has been told in a lucid manner, it is so effortless... and at the end of the day the film is also about story-telling.

A moment from the film.

A moment from the film.

Did you get offers to be a part of films before this?

Abir: Many, many years ago. I had just started doing films then. The script was quite interesting but finally it didn’t work out.

Arpita: Abir is the hero who is a good boy.

Abir: Arpita sings really well.

How were the last two years for you?

Abir: Looking back, I am surprised at how we managed to shoot for the film and do all the post-production work during a pandemic. The initial shooting schedule got postponed and then the initial release date also got postponed. Yes, I had started work on other new projects but it is difficult to really savour and enjoy the excitement that the new projects bring (because of the anxiety of the pandemic).

Arpita: The way we lead our lives has completely changed now. For me, there was anxiety because of the pandemic... I was constantly worrying about the well-being of my family. Despite all that, I am happy for the success of My Name is Jaan. It was a very important project.

Abir: It is best to take life as it comes to you. No point in planning. We have all realised our priorities and come to terms with it. We have all realised what or who all are important for us. Since we live in constant phobia, we are all a bit hesitant. We are constantly thinking of the well-being of our near and dear ones. 

Picture: B. Halder

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