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Cocktail Recipes

Rock the Diwali party with these potent mixes

Here are a list of cocktails by city mixologists to amp up your festive fun

The Telegraph | Published 22.10.22, 12:30 AM

Dehydrate Cracker

by Bimal Das, bartender at Refinery091


Move over ‘on the rocks’ and check out this tipple that punches the sweet and sour notes of lime and pineapple with whisky and turns it into a sip that will kick-start fresh conversations. An extremely easy to make drink, serve Dehydrate Cracker with torched malta slices or pineapple and enjoy your evening.


  • Whisky 60 ml
  • Pineapple juice 90ml
  • Coconut syrup 10ml
  • Lime juice 5ml
  • Aromatic bitter: afew drops
  • For garnish: pineapple slices


Pour 60 ml whisky in a shaker.

Add coconut syrup, lime juice and pineapple juice and ice.

Shake well till all the ingredients are mixed well.

Serve in an old-fashioned glass and garnish with dehydrate cracker.

Charcoal Lemongrass

Abhijit Shil, bar supervisor at Sly Fox Gastro Club

If you love the overwhelming aroma of lemongrass, and activated charcoal that’s known for its detoxifying properties then assemble the ingredients mentioned below and create Charcoal Lemongrass. Follow mixologist Abhijit’s guide and impress your friends with your skills.


  • Fresh chopped lemongrass 10g
  • Lemon juice 30ml
  • Lemongrass syrup 15ml
  • Charcoal syrup 15ml
  • Gin 60ml
  • Top up with a fizzy drink
  • Garnish: Silver flakes rim, lemongrass and orchid flower


Assemble all the ingredients in a shaker.

Mix them well with ice until it melts and increases the content.

Pour in a glass.

Add a fizzy drink.

Garnish with edible flower and relish.

Jasmine Sour

by Shekhar Jana, assistant bar manager, Air 1910

If your go-to poison is vodka and you are looking for something beyond the classics then check out Shekhar Jana’s Jasmine Sour. The mixologist who is known for his finesse in creating intoxicants that score high on flavour and presentation, creates this beautiful concoction that’s joy in each glass.


  • Citron vodka 60ml
  • Homemade Jasmine cordial 15ml
  • Fresh lime juice 15ml
  • Egg white 30ml
  • Castor sugar 1tbsp


Put all the ingredients, including ice, in a shaker and mix well.

Strain and serve in a champagne saucer.

Garnish with edible flower and edible glitter.

Last updated on 22.10.22, 12:30 AM

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