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Easter Food

Hot cross buns to Easter eggs and more — where to get your Easter treats in Kolkata

City bakeries and home chefs have a varied Easter menu, from traditional Simnel cakes and Easter eggs to bunny-themed cupcakes, bento cakes and savoury treats

Jaismita Alexander | Published 27.03.24, 08:11 PM
Traditional baked goods to trndy new desserts are all in store this Easter at Kolkata's confectionaries

Traditional baked goods to trndy new desserts are all in store this Easter at Kolkata's confectionaries

Easter is almost here and the bakeries and confectioners around the city are busy curating special treats and baking hot cross buns. Before the Easter bunnies hop away and the eggs roll out of the shelves, you must bring the treats home! If you are looking for some delectable offerings in Kolkata this Easter, My Kolkata has curated a compact list of places where you can get your share of baked goodies, chocolate eggs and more.


Like every year, the racks at Flurys are their whimsical best with cute Easter offerings. Their Easter eggs come in various forms, from Nougatine Eggs to Chocolate Filled eggs. There are also adorable chocolate and Bento cakes. The heritage bakery also has a range of Easter-themed cupcakes, cookies and more, as well as special Hot Cross Buns! For your savoury treats, you can try their Easter special lamb and onion savoury tart! The traditional Simnel Cake — a rich dry fruit cake covered in marzipan — is also back on the shelves.


Top picks: Simnel Cake, Hot Cross Buns, Decorative Chocolate Egg with Bunny

Pocket pinch: Rs 100 onwards; Hot Cross buns for Rs 100 each

How to order: You can visit your nearest Flurys outlet or order online

Saldanha Bakery

Talk about Easter in Kolkata and not talk about Saldanha? It’s not possible! The more than 90-year-old bakery on Nawab Abdur Rahman Street has come up with an Easter special menu which has more than eight items! From the traditional Good Friday Buns to Solid Chocolate Easter Eggs and Marzipan eggs, you will get them all under one roof.

Pop picks: Special Marzipan Easter eggs filled with chocolate and marzipan, Minion and Emoji Easter Eggs

Pocket pinch: Rs 20 onwards; Hot cross buns for Rs 30 each

How to order: You can pick them up from the bakery

Contact: 9831701085, 9830917617, 033-22174032


Soumyajit Dey

Looking for some traditional Easter treats? The iconic Jewish confectionery at Hogg Market (New Market) is the place to be. It is believed that Nahoum and Sons was among the first to introduce Easter eggs, hot cross buns and marzipan treats to Kolkata. This year too, they have traditional hot cross buns, marzipan treats, special goodie baskets and more. As with every festive season at Nahoum’s, these are selling fast. So if you don't want to miss them, you should visit the confectionery as early as possible on Good Friday.

Top picks: Small solid chocolate Easter eggs, marzipan eggs, large marzipan eggs with candies and chocolates inside, Hot Cross Buns, Easter baskets

Pocket pinch: Rs 60 - 1,000

How to order: Store pickup only

Kookie Jar

Enjoy the goodness of nuts or relish the flavours of spring, all in an egg! On the Easter special menu at Kookie Jar, there are ten kinds of Easter eggs! The menu also has cookies, lollies, chocolates and more — all Easter themed, adorable to look at and delicious to eat. The Easter cookies come in the shapes of cute animals. If you have kids at home and you want to make Easter special for them, you can definitely visit the nearest Kookie Jar outlet. You will also get Good Friday buns here for Rs 80 each.

Pop picks: Exotic Nuts Eggs, Abstract Eggs, Flower Eggs, Easter cookies

Pocket pinch: Rs 150 onwards, Hot cross buns: Rs 80 each

How to order: You can order them on Swiggy or Zomato. You can also visit their outlets in Rawdon Street, Alipore, Hindustan Park, City Centre, Salt Lake, Rene Tower, Kasba


Dariole has some cute bunny-themed treats and Easter eggs at all their outlets. If you love chocolate goodies, check out the solid bunny shaped chocolates and the chocolate eggs filled with gems. They can make the perfect addition to a gift hamper for kids! The bakery also has hot cross buns.

Pop picks: Easter Bunny white chocolate, Easter Egg (solid chocolate)

Pocket pinch: Rs 20 onwards; Hot Cross Buns for Rs 20 each

How to order: You order online on Swiggy or Zomato. You can also pick up from your nearest Dariole outlets

Mio Amore

Mio Amore has amped up their Easter menu this time and it looks eggcellent! Apart from their fondant coated Easter eggs, they have a range of treats like Easter special bento cakes, celebration cakes, Easter Bunny cakes, Easter eggs and more. Grab your treats ASAP before they fly out of the shelves!

Pop picks: Easter Bento Cake, Eggcited (marzipan coated), Premium Easter Egg

Pocket pinch: Rs 25 onwards, Hot Cross Buns for Rs 10 each

Address: Order on Swiggy or pickup from your nearest outlet


The Southern Avenue bakery will make your heart go ‘aww’ with their cute bunny cupcakes and more. Bleubury has a modest Easter menu with Easter Nest Macarons, Easter Egg Cakesicles and Easter Bunny Cupcakes. The Easter Nest Macarons are macarons filled with buttercream and topped with chocolate ganache and mini eggs. Need a gift hamper? These can be a perfect choice!

Pop picks: Easter Nest Macarons, Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Pocket pinch: Rs 210 onwards

How to order: Order on Swiggy or Zomato or visit them in Southern Avenue

Krazy for Chocolates

Are you looking just for Easter eggs? The solid chocolate Easter eggs that satiate your chocolate cravings? Then Krazy for Chocolates have the perfect white and milk chocolate eggs! These are made with smooth and silky chocolates and have little bonbons, gems and milk chocolates in them.

Pop picks: White Easter Egg

Pocket pinch: Rs 114

How to order: Order online on Swiggy or Zomato. Drop at the nearest outlet for pickup

I Love Chocolates (Homebaker)

If you are on the lookout for some exclusive Easter treats, then homebaker Selina Andrews has a great range of Easter goodies at her home bakery I Love Chocolates. An IT professional, Selina Andrews works from her home in Kasba and the bakery is known for making a huge 2kg Easter egg. This year the selection of Easter egg treats includes a boozy version. Andrews also has guilt-free and sugar-free Easter egg options.

Pop picks: Jumbo Easter Egg, Sugar-free Dark Chocolate Easter Egg, Boozy Easter eggs

Pocket pinch: Rs 125 to Rs 2,500

How to order: Contact 9902559585 (Delivery across Kolkata available)

Last updated on 27.03.24, 08:11 PM

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