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Have you tried Khulad Pizza and Biscoot Chai from this north Kolkata kiosk?

A cup of tea you can eat, pizzas in a ‘bhaanr’, and a perfect adda setting is on the menu at Sarkari Chai

Nitin Waghela | Published 02.08.23, 08:36 PM
Fast-food meets street-food at Sarkari Chai in north Kolkata’s Bidhan Sarani Road

Fast-food meets street-food at Sarkari Chai in north Kolkata’s Bidhan Sarani Road

All photos by Soumyajit Dey

Located at 64/2, Bidhan Sarani Rd, street-food kiosk Sarkari Chai has quickly become ‘the spot’ to hang out at for the locals residing in this north Kolkata neighbourhood.

Comfort food like chai, cold coffee, pasta and momos fly off the kitchen counter, but what makes this place stand out are unique items like Biscoot Chai, served in crunchy biscuit cups, Mohabbat ki Chai, which comes with a sprinkle of rose petals, and making an entry to the menu very soon is pizza in kulhads or earthen pots.


Co-founded by young entrepreneurs Sameer Khatri, 28, and Dinki Shaw, 25 — spot their caricatures on the display board and packaging — Sarkari Chai has fast gained a following with youngsters owing to its proximity to colleges like Bethune and Scottish Church.

Unique offerings

One of the interesting menu items at Sarkari Chai is their Biscoot Chai, a tea served in an edible biscuit cup that goes well with the drink you just gulped down for Rs 30.

“While the tea served is regular, there’s a choice in the flavours for the cup, The cup, which looks similar to an ice-cream (cone), and is made of biscuits, is available in two flavours variants, chocolate and elaichi,” says Dinki.

The second item on the list is also a cup of chaa. Mohabbat Ki Chai, available for Rs 20, is a blend of tea leaves with rose petals, saffron (kesar), cardamom (elaichi) and butter. A cuppa fit for a monsoon evening with a loved one, to be shared over looks and conversation.

Another interesting item to feature on the menu soon is the Khulad Pizza. The main mix of the pizza — bread, sauces, sauteed vegetables — is added to a kulhad or bhaanr and topped with a mix of cheeses and cheese sauces before being baked. Dinki says, “On top, we use our cheese sauce, mayonnaise, tandoori sauce and mozzarella cheese. After this, the Khullad Pizza is baked for 8-10 minutes, depending on the size of the kulhad.” This comes at a cost of Rs 60.

Destiny’s hand

The little outlet, which is done up in the signature Kolkata-cab yellow with sketches of tiffin-wallahs and chai kettles on the walls, was born in 2022. Sameer, whose home city is Faridabad, after completing his course in IHM, Srinagar, was working at the kitchen department at Vivanta's Kolkata property. Dinki, who has an educational background in hospitality, was at JW Marriott, Kolkata, and exploring other job opportunities. “This was also the time when Covid19 had disrupted the dreams of many to leave their home city and settle elsewhere. Sameer and I connected over a social networking app, and found that one major commonality we shared was to be our own bosses in the hospitality industry,” says Dinki.

L-R: Co-founders of Sarkari Chai Sameer Khatri, Dinki Shaw and Ritesh-Shaw

L-R: Co-founders of Sarkari Chai Sameer Khatri, Dinki Shaw and Ritesh-Shaw

“With the aid of investors, I was successfully running Social Story, a cafe on the second floor of Ef3 mall, Sec-20a, Faridabad, which also helped us gain exposure on all fronts of running an F&B venture,” says Sameer. When the investors pulled back due to internal conflict, the duo did not lose hope. They returned to Kolkata to restart their dream with Sarkari Chai, which opened on May 24, 2022.

So, what’s the story behind the name? The name Sarkari Chai came about when Sameer, Dinki and her younger brother Ritesh Shaw were brainstorming. “In our discussion, we unanimously picked up on the political conversations that happen over tea in every nook and cranny of Kolkata, so we narrowed it down to Sarkari Chai,” says Dinki.

A drink for every season

Watermelon Mojito and (right) Cold Coffee Frappe

Watermelon Mojito and (right) Cold Coffee Frappe

While their range of hot teas are ideal for cool, drizzly monsoon evenings, Sarkari Chai also has a few other options to check out.

The Cold Coffee Frappe with ice cream is sweet, frothy and perfect for lingering conversations. Vanilla ice cream is blended with cold milky coffee to create and the coffee-flavoured concoction will make you appreciate cold coffee anew! It’s available for Rs 120.

There’s hardly any escape from the humidity in Kolkata. If the humidity in the air gets to you as it does to us, try the Watermelon Mojito. “At Rs 99, it’s a refreshing, herby choice that has a cooling effect and helps you beat the humidity in the air,” says Sameer.

Street treats

Sarkari Chai does its best to give you Kolkata vibes — there’s chaa, a small outdoor seating set-up with round tables and stools, and an array of drinks and snacks to choose from. Couple of small groups of 4-5 can gather for an adda in front of the shop, and there are some choice picks to bite into.

Chicken Pizza

Chicken Pizza

Their Chicken Pizza — four slices with extra toppings — is available for Rs 120. Lovers of thin crust and melted cheese, this is your Disneyland. It truly exceeds expectations contingent with outlets serving pizza at reasonable prices. “The choice in additional toppings includes chicken, capsicum and onions, and we also customise the crust as per customers preferences,” says Dinki.



Another must try at Sarkari Chai are the momos. “Our Non-Veg Momos are really juicy and have a soft filling of chicken served alongside a mayonnaise dip, and my Schezwan sauce, made using garlic, Kashmiri chilis, Chinese spices, salt, and pepper,” she adds. The price for a plate containing seven Non-Veg Momos is Rs 100, while the veg variant costs Rs 70.

Chicken Pasta

Chicken Pasta

On the other hand, their Mixed-Sauce Baked Pasta, made with buckwheat pasta sheets, is covered in thick layers of cheese and has a mix of red and white sauce, chicken, corn and capsicum, and hits all the cheesy and tangy notes too. Garnished with herbs, and oregano, this one cost Rs 125, and its veg variant comes at Rs 110.

While every eatery has specially curated offerings that separates them from the rest, the amicable and open-to-feedback behaviour of the co-founders is the magic touch that adds to the charm of Sarkar Chai.

Where: 64/2, Bidhan Sarani Rd, Manicktala, Azad Hind Bag

Timings: 11am - 11pm (Mon-Sat); 2pm - 11am (Sunday)

Must try: Biscoot Chai, Mohabbat ki Chai, Cold-Coffee Frappe with Ice Cream, and Chicken Pizza

Pocket Pinch: Rs 200 for two

Online Delivery: Swiggy/Zomato

Last updated on 02.08.23, 08:55 PM

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