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Pet Treats

Pet parents, listen up! Bookmark these Kolkata bakeries for your furry companion

From birthday cakes and sweet treats to healthy meals and more — these bakeries are sharing their love for animals through their creations

Aatreyee Mohanta | Published 22.03.23, 08:54 PM
Pet portrait cake by The Paw Story and (right) a birthday cake from Kiwi's Pet Kitchen

Pet portrait cake by The Paw Story and (right) a birthday cake from Kiwi's Pet Kitchen

Courtesy The Paw Story and Kiwi's Pet Kitchen

Cakes, treats, snacks — while we all love these things, our furry friends enjoy them too! Have you been looking for cakes and treats for your pet’s birthday (or any other day, just to pamper them)? These Kolkata-based home bakeries are baking gorgeous cakes and treats that your pet will happily lap up, and that’s absolutely safe for their health too.

Kiwi's Pet Kitchen

Started in 2015 by 57-year-old Mini Arora, Kiwi’s Pet Kitchen bakes delicious treats for dogs, cats and rabbits. Named after her first pet, this bakery was an extension of the pet grooming salon and clinic run by her daughter, Kashika.


My daughter encouraged me to bake, so I started reading about pet nutrition online. In 2015, I baked the first cake for my pet, Katie and her litter, and they enjoyed it thoroughly. It was more of a pie than a cake. I started getting orders from my daughter's client and now I have a client base of more than 3,000 with the help of social media,” said Mini.

The treats and cakes have oats, chicken, fish, mutton, homemade peanut butter and non-citrus fruit, which make them taste good and provide nutrition to your pet as well.

“I am a mother to 16 pets and they love oat noodles, pizza, and mutton cakes, even cookies. They patiently wait around the table when I am cooking,” shared the home baker.

The Kasba-based bakery makes a variety of ice cream, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, hot dogs, pizza, oat noodles, and momos with plans of adding more to the menu. They take into account any dietary restrictions that your pet might have to create the best treat for them.

Barkbites by Anindita Sen

During the lockdown, Anindita Sen baked her first pet-friendly cake for her own pet dog, Mojo, when she couldn’t find any suitable cakes for pets in the city.

“When I started searching for healthy pet cakes, I couldn't find anything to my liking in my city. That's when I thought of creating one for his birthday. Before long, I realised that many pet parents have been looking out for something similar for a very long time. Barkbites was born out of pure love and concern for my own furbaby. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my furry clients getting all excited about my cakes. In less than two years, Barkbites has grown in leaps and bounds and I am hoping this is just the beginning,” said the 57-year-old who started her small business in 2020 in Santoshpur.

Anindita’s bakery makes vegetarian or non vegetarian cakes for dogs and cats in a variety of flavours using ingredients like a mix of vegetables, peanut butter, fruits, chicken, mutton, bacon and fish.

“I am a proud pet parent. My pet is very good in nature and loves to play and enjoys car rides,” said the baker.

One of her most popular cakes is the Chicken Bone Cake which is in the shape of a giant bone. She customises the colours and designs of the cake as requested by her clients making it the perfect choice for your pet.

The Pet Inn

Ankita Kahali started her pet bakery in 2016 after she successfully baked a cake for her pet, Bheglu. Always wanting to have a career with pets, she is also a certified paravet.

“The cake was not like the cakes we eat — it was hard, did not smell like a cake but Bheglu loved it! After doing a lot of research, consulting many reputed veterinarians in India and abroad, many tests and trials, we made our recipe and The Pet Inn Bakery started. Baking for pets is now therapeutic to me,” said Ankita.

The Joka-based bakery makes cakes for dogs, cats and birds using gluten-free flour, eggs, chicken, fish, fruit, pet-friendly fats, frosting and food colours.

“One of my most popular designs is the face cake where pet parents send their pet’s photos and I draw the face on the cake. I also make celebration cakes, pupcakes with frosting, Bento cakes, cookies, tarts, treats along with oats soup, chicken poha, egg sooji, Supaw Meal made with chicken, veg, rice and herbs,” she said.

Apart from the bakery, The Pet Inn offers services like pet creche, pet aromatherapy products, pet training, pet grooming at home, veterinarian and paravet on call, dog walking service and more.

“Currently I have four dogs, one black cat, two hamsters, six birds, 11 fish. They are the CTOs (Chief Testing Officers) of The Pet Inn-Bakery. All the new items get approved by them, and only then are added to the menu,” said Ankita.

The Paw Story

Ekta Gupta started her own small business in 2022 to be able to serve animals in need and assist pet parents.

“We started with a pet clinic and realised pet parents also want to celebrate their pet’s birthday with cakes. We researched and decided to come up with a recipe which is good for the animals to eat,” said Gupta.

They bake cakes for dogs and cats at their Kasba location, and their bestseller is the furry portraits cakes.

Their cakes are made from ingredients like chicken, fish, yoghurt and veggies which is not only delicious but also healthy for your pets.

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