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Food outlets in Calcutta where Barbie might visit to have a taste of gorgeous pink-hued delights

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Rohini Chakraborty | Published 25.07.23, 11:47 AM

Pictures: Rashbehari Das, B Halder and outlets

With Greta Gerwig's Barbie registering itself as a raging hit across the world, pink, Barbie's colour continues to have its time in the sun. From pink billboards to pink-themed makeup videos and food platters. When we think about pink food, only desserts cross our minds. t2, however, lists city F&B outlets serving delicious savouries, too, along with desserts and beverages, for the readers.



What: Our Barbie girl is taking a nice dip in Ruby Hot Chocolate (Barbie Edition) made with vanillaflavoured creamy milk blended with berry compote and Callebaut ruby chocolate and topped with whipped cream frosting and confetti. Available at the pretty European-themed cafe. Price: Rs 375


What: Try the refreshing Strawberry Pink Lemonade made with muddled fresh strawberries and basil at the American-musicthemed cafe on Park Street. Price: Rs 250


What: This Ballygunge-based home baker has aromatic Rose Macarons which are white chocolate ganache infused with delicate hints of rose sandwiched between airy pink macaron shells. A perfect glutenfree treat! Price: Rs 100 per piece. Rs 700 for a box of seven For delivery: Call at +91 9836230066


What: Dig into the Rose Falooda Cake Jar which is an Indian-inspired dessert with a balanced taste of cake and falooda and exotic flavours of rose and saffron, available at this cloud kitchen in Gariahat. Price: Rs 100 per jar To order: Call/Whatsapp on +91 6290795523 or order via Swiggy Genie


What: This ice cream corner in the New Market area has a refreshing and frozen treat called Cranberry Popsicle, packed with cranberries and is a healthy alternative to sugarbased popsicles. Price: Rs 80


What: The quaint cafe at Hindustan Park has Pinkish Affair Waffle on their menu made with in-house pink waffle mix and topped with white chocolate whipped cream, white choco chips, strawberry syrup and strawberry chocorice. Price: Rs 249


What: The aesthetic cafe at Lake Road is serving Barbie-Ccine, which is fettuccine cooked in beetroot broth and drizzled with Parmesan and edible microgreens. Price: Rs 425


What: The Barbieheimer Cube Pastry from this heritage bakery shop has settled the contest between Barbie and Oppenheimer. It’s a half-and-half pastry made of two of the most iconic Flurys pastries- strawberry and chocolate cubes. Price: Rs 130


What: The Middle Eastern dine-den at Quest mall has Beetroot Burani on its menu which is an Iranian cold and naturally sweet dip made with roasted beetroot puree, feta cheese, hung curd, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, served with hot pita bread. Price: Rs 550


What: This hidden dine-den at Celica Park, Park Street, serves Pink Panther, which is a sweet-andsour combination of cranberry juice, sparkling water, and lime juice and garnished with mint leaves and lemon wedges. Price: Rs 249


What: The Pink Dragon Margarita is served at the Greece-themed cafe at Elgin Road and is a concoction of tequila, triple sec syrup, and agave syrup with fresh dragon fruit and lime juice. The pink ice ball is adds to its look. Price: Rs 549


What: This sky bar at Park Street serves cute pink dim sums known as Truffle Cream Cheese Dimsum which are dim sums stuffed with truffleinfused cream with a hint of bird’s eye chilli. A total burst of flavour in your mouth. Price: Rs 420 plus


What: This modern Asian cocktail house at Ho Chi Minh Sarani has this pretty pink cocktail called The Pink Paradise which is a luscious concoction of house gin, spice berry, simple syrup, cream, blossom, saline and albumin. Price: Rs 695


What: This minimalistic bistro at Bhowanipore has this pretty pink cake called Summer which is the perfect blend of soft vanilla sponge with whipped cream cheese mousse, lemon curd, strawberry compote and fresh basil. Price: Rs 1,400 per lbs


What: Not Your Ordinary Strawberry Cream is available at this restaurant and tea room on Park Street. A shortcake baked with lime and almond streusel, mascarpone creme, confit and strawberry sorbet. Price: Rs 450


What: The all-pink cafe in Salt Lake has a delightful treat for strawberry lovers called Pretty in Pink which is a creamy concoction of sweet strawberries blended with velvety milk offering an indulging sip. Price: Rs 385

What: Pinkk Sugars is also offering The Infamous Mock Meat Pinkk Sliders where a vegan meat patty is slathered with mustard mayo and sandwiched between pink burger buns and served with fries. Too pretty! Price: Rs 465

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