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Artisanal Chocolates

Gourmet bean-to-bar chocolates Willy Wonka would approve of

From sea-salt caramel to creamy coconut milk, these chocolate brands are making more than ‘Cadburys’

Aatreyee Mohanta | Published 04.06.22, 02:21 PM


Weren’t you full of envy when you saw Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory? It opened up the doors to our imagination to how extravagant the world of chocolate can be.

While the quintessential ‘Cadbury’ has been a strong and sweet part of all lives for decades, we can’t help but ignore the presence of artisanal chocolates that stands true to the bean-to-bar method of production. From sourcing cacao to making their chocolate in new flavours, these brands are truly a chocolate lover’s dream. 

Pick from decadent bitter chocolate or go for sweetness in a bar from these gourmet chocolate brands”

Paul and Mike Farm to Bar

Your dreams have come true! Paul and Mike Farm to Bar Chocolates have started a contest to celebrate the 51st anniversary of the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory film. If you find the tickets hidden in the bars, you win more chocolate! This brand grows their own cocoa in farms at Kochi and Coimbatore, and ferments it to create their very own chocolate bars, which are delightful. The flavour combinations are ingenious and the mouthfeel is even more spectacular. 

Our picks: 64% Vegan Dark Sichuan Pepper and Orange Peel, and Hokey Pokey Chocolate 

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Love the taste of unadulterated chocolate so rich that it holds the power to take you to a different world of flavours? Well, this brand’s product is just that. Being India’s first USDA Organic and Fairtrade-compliant chocolate brand, Pascati creates chocolate that is artisanal and single origin, sourcing its cacao from the Malabar Hills. Their chocolates are vanilla and emulsifier-free, which keeps the flavours pure. 

Our picks: Sea Salt Inclusion Bar and 77% Malabar Hills Bar 

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With a mission to provide gourmet products to food lovers, Artisanté has created chocolates which are flavoured, dark, single origin, caramelised and so much more. From having a wide variety of chocolates like dark, milk, ruby, white and single origin, their chocolate bars are divine. The unique flavours of the chocolate bars are intensified when you pick one with inclusions, because they are more than generous with all the additions. 

Our picks: Galactico Bar (caramelised white chocolate, toasted almonds and sea salt) and Midnight Dark 70% Mint 

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The Whole Truth Foods

This brand has created India’s first dark chocolate that is sweetened only with dates. So, not only does it taste delicious, but you can snack on it guilt-free too! Available in six varieties like orange, sea salt and more, you can customise a box of six bars. A helpful part is you can get information about their nutritional facts on the website!

Our picks: Orange Dark Chocolate and 55% Dark Chocolate 

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La Folie Real Chocolate

This brand brings chocolate that is tailor-made to enhance flavours from the finest, single-origin cacao. It is also ethically sourced from around the world and they only add organic cane sugar, natural freeze dried fruits, black jaggery, nuts and other herbs and spices, all sourced locally. Their chocolate has clean flavours that makes you appreciate how rich the flavours are. 

Our picks: Sea Salt Caramel and Creamy Coconut Milk 

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This brand is the world and India’s first zero-waste chocolate manufacturer. They use non-refined sweeteners like desi khaand sugar, palm sugar, jaggery or dates, and real whole spices. Their chocolates have unique flavours and their wrappers are made from upcycled paper too! 

Our picks: 55% Dark Milk Irish Cream and 65% Masala Chai Dark Chocolate 

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Last updated on 04.06.22, 02:21 PM

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