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International Tea Day

Steep up your game with tea-lightful treats from these Kolkata hotspots

Salads, mains and desserts — enjoy a bite of tea on International Tea Day!

Jaismita Alexander And Pooja Mitra | Published 21.05.24, 05:43 PM
Dig in to some solid tea!

Dig in to some solid tea!

“When people are upset, the cultural convention is to bring them a hot beverage” — as believed and practised by The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper.

A tea aficionado does not really need a reason to have tea, in any form. And since tea-infused delectables are a huge rage now, on International Tea Day, here are a few Kolkata hotspots serving lip smacking tea-based delights. From healthy salads, pork ribs to custards — the choices will leave spoilt. Drop by, order in, but grab a bite for sure to celebrate this most refreshing of days. Bon appetit!


‘Spicy Tea Leaf & Avocado Salad’ from Burma Burma

Burma Burma/Facebook

Have you ever eaten tea leaves? Burma Burma on Park Street does not only serve tea as a beverage, but also uses tea leaves in their dishes. They have a range of tea leaf salads. If you are in the mood to try some Burmese tea-infused salads, go for the Spicy Tea Leaf and Avocado Salad. It is a delicious combination of flavours — with richness from the avocado and pickled tea leaves enhanced with chilli, tomatoes, and crunchy nuts. Pickling and fermenting tea leaves is an old Burmese tradition that the restaurant brings to the food scene of the city.

Pocket pinch: ₹580

Where: 18M, Ground Floor, Stephen Court, Mother Teresa Sarani

‘Doodh Cha Caramel Custard’ from Sienna Cafe & Store

Sienna Cafe & Store

Sienna Cafe & Store

If your comfort sip is a warm cuppa of doodh chaa and a trip to childhood has a bowl of chilled custard on the list, Sienna Cafe & Store’s Doodh Cha Custard with Kalo Jeere Biscuit is a tea-infused fusion dessert that you cannot miss at the Hindustan Park dine den. Served in a matir bhanr, the creamy delight is sweet and aromatic, and the crunchy jeere biscuit is the perfect accompaniment.

Note: The Doodh Cha Caramel Custard is not on the regular menu of the cafe. But you can always pre-order it. Give them a heads-up 48 hours before, and enjoy a custard that you have never had before.

Pocket pinch: ₹425

Where: Sienna Cafe & Store, 49, 1, Golpark, Hindustan Park, Gariahat

‘Honey Smoked Spare Ribs’ from Yauatcha



Calling it a day, celebrating a no-workout-day day, sneaking some good lunch on an endless meeting day or TGIF-ing — succulent spare ribs are a #mood. And when there’s a twist in the tale and the spare ribs are cooked with jasmine tea, it incites the right amount of intrigue. The Oriental flavours, the jasmine tea and the smoky charred effect makes the Honey Smoked Spare Ribs a special experience at the Chinese dim sum teahouse at Quest Mall. The spare ribs are coated in a special sauce made with beer, tomato ketchup, brown sugar, red wine vinegar, liquid smoke and other special ingredients, and is called the hickory sauce.

Pocket pinch: ₹1,295

Where: Yauatcha Kolkata, 5th Floor, Quest Mall Park Circus, 33, Syed Amir Ali Ave

‘Thai Milk Tea Bun’ from Just Buns

Just Buns

Imagine biting into a soft and fluffy bun and the filling surprises you with a cloudy, milky cream. That’s what the Thai Milk Tea Bun from Just Buns feels like. The Thai milk tea cream inside the bun boasts flavours of vanilla, caramel, and strong black tea. It is a treat for when you want to break free from everything and indulge in a good yummy dessert. Each bite melts into your mouth. If you enjoy sweet buns with your tea, this is quite a good combination of both. Call it a dessert, a snack or a cheat-day treat — there’s no better time to enjoy this Thai milk tea cream filled bun than on International Tea Day.

Pocket pinch: ₹75 each

Where: 46A, Prince Gulam Hussain Shah Rd, Jadavpur

‘Mint Tea Energy Truffles’ from The Mint Enfold

Mint Enfold

Does tea feel like your fuel throughout the day? And tea, if accompanied by some munchies, is not too bad at all. Try something new this International Tea Day to manage that mid-day tea and snack cravings. The Mint Enfold have these delectable truffles made with chia and flax seeds, dates, almonds and walnuts, and are infused with the re-energising essence of mint tea. Each bite is filled with a burst of refreshing mint tea flavour — revitalising you for the rest of the day. They come in a box of six, and are also perfect for gifting to fellow chai lovers.

Pocket pinch: ₹600

Where: 12 Sunny Park; Ashray Apartments; Block-C (Pickup only)

‘Baked Filter Chai Cheesecake’ from Canteen Pub & Grub

Canteen Pub & Grub

A tea-flavoured cheesecake? Say no more! The top layer of the cheesecake is made with kadak milk tea. This cheesy delight is melt-in-the-mouth and is a dessert that’s a hit for all seasons. The Baked Filter Chai Cheesecake at the City Centre Salt Lake outpost is served with sugar-free biscuits to balance the taste, and to add some crunch to pair with the gooey cheesecake.

Note: A winter menu bestseller, the Baked Filter Chai Cheesecake will be back on the Canteen Pub & Grub’s menu from July. Meanwhile, you can pre-order and relish at a 12-hour notice.

Pocket pinch: ₹349

Where: Canteen Pub & Grub, C 301, 3rd Floor, City Centre I, Salt Lake City

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