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Journalist hints at French ‘political’ role in Reliance tax waiver

Tax authorities in France had settled for a lower amount, six months after Modi announced the Rafale fighter deal, said the two Le Monde journalists

By TT Bureau in New Delhi
  • Published 15.04.19, 6:18 AM
  • Updated 15.04.19, 6:18 AM
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One of the Le Monde journalists who broke the news of the French tax waiver of over Rs 1,000 crore to an Anil Ambani company has disclosed that senior officials had said “political interference might have happened” in the case.

“The French embassy in Delhi stated that ‘there was no political interference’ in the settlement with Anil Ambani. Several high ranking officials, from the tax administration and the finance ministry, told us a political interference might have happened in that case,” Julien Bouissou tweeted on Sunday.

Bouissou, along with Anne Michel, had reported on Saturday in the French newspaper that tax authorities in France had settled for an amount far lower than that originally demanded from Reliance Flag, six months after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the Rafale fighter deal in Paris in April 2015.

In Sunday’s tweet, Bouissou did not identify any of the officials.

On Saturday, both Reliance Communications, the parent of Reliance Flag, and the French government had denied any wrongdoing in the tax settlement.

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