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Find your passion playing this fun board game by India’s Leading Digital Coach, Siddharth Rajsekar

ABP Digital Brand Studio   |   Published 27.08.21, 11:13 AM

Can you imagine finding your purpose and passion playing a game? We found it hard to believe till we actually played this fun game by India’s leading digital coach, Siddharth Rajsekar.

Following the principles of his digital coaching blueprint, Siddharth has created ‘I Can Coach’ with the promise to make families and friends bond while finding their purpose and passion, becoming real problem solvers and ultimately monetizing it.

Siddharth believes that the biggest problem in the world is that the current education and employment systems are broken. With his community, The Internet Lifestyle Hub, he aims to solve this problem by empowering a new breed of digital teachers who are real world implementers equipped with the right mindset, skill sets and tools to build communities online.

I Can Coach takes a fun spin on the entire process of digital coaching, focussing on the 5Ps.

The game is a blueprint of how you can use your "passion" to solve a "problem" targeting a particular "persona" where there is a huge "potential" in the market, then get "paid" for it and live a more "purposeful" life.

Commenting on the launch of the board game Siddharth Rajsekar said, “The game is a replica of what your life should be like - one of purpose, joy and financial freedom. I want young adults to imbibe these values at an early age so they stop thinking that they need to get educated just to get a job but actually live a more purposeful life, doing what they love.”

The game takes players through the following steps:

Step 1 - Find your PASSION

Step 2 - See how your passion can solve a PROBLEM

Step 3 - PERSONA. Decide on who you want to serve.

Step 4 - POTENTIAL. See if there is a trend in the area you have picked.

Step 5 - PAYMENT. Create different ways you can monetise your expertise.

By playing this game, players will be able to find that sweet spot for themselves and their family members, and then hopefully start thinking about what a purposeful life would mean to them.

The launch of the board game comes after the launch of Siddharth’s first book, the international bestseller, You Can Coach.

I Can Coach is available on https://shop.internetlifestylehub.com/. It will be priced at INR 2999 but is currently available for pre-order for INR 1999. 

Link to purchase: https://shop.internetlifestylehub.com/i-can-coach-board-game.html

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