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A non-diet that will land you in the Blue Zone

'Eating a handful of berries every day may slow the brain’s aging by more than two years'

  • Published 20.02.20, 4:47 PM
  • Updated 20.02.20, 4:47 PM
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Courtesy: Rush Fitness Baban Mukherjee

Life-changing strategies from US-based physician Michael Greger:

1. Three servings of beans

Greger’s first tip is inspired by Blue Zones, places where people live to be over 100. Such people include legumes in their diet. Legumes are loaded with protein, iron, and zinc; unlike meat, they’re are free of saturated fat and cholesterol. They also contain fibre, folate and potassium.

2. One serving of berries

Eating a handful of berries every day may slow the brain’s aging by more than two years, Greger says.

3. Three servings of other fruit

The 2010 Global Burden of Disease study found that the worst aspect about the US diet was not eating enough fruit, says Greger.

4. Two servings of greens

Greger says greens are the healthiest veggies. They pack more nutrients per calorie than any other food.

5. One serving of cruciferous vegetables

The healthiest greens are cruciferous vegetables. Stock up on cauliflower and cabbage.

6. Two servings of other vegetables

The Burden of Disease study said eating very little vegetables was the fifth-leading diet risk factor in the US.

7. One serving offlaxseed

They are the singlemost concentrated source of lignans, a type of anti-cancer compound.

8. One serving of nuts and seeds

Snacking on nuts and seeds is a major longevity-booster.

9. Three servings of whole grains

“People who eat more whole grains—like oatmeal, brown rice, and whole wheat—have been shown to live significantly longer, due to lower rates of heart disease, obesity , diabetes, and stroke.”

10. One serving of herbs and spices

Greger’s number one spice is turmeric. Other herbs and spices he loves: cumin, ginger, chili powder, ginger, and garlic.

11. Exercise is vital to good health

Besides helping with weight, Greger points out it is connected to brain and immune heath and better sleep.

12. Drink five servings of water

Tea and coffee, without milk or sweetener were the number-two healthiest beverages, second only to water, says Greger.