Monday, 30th October 2017

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Who are you going to dress up as this Halloween?

Here are some ideas and DIY tips!

By Rushati Mukherjee
  • Published 30.10.18, 11:07 PM
  • Updated 30.10.18, 11:07 PM
  • 4 mins read
Demogorgon Source: Stranger Things

Demogorgon from Stranger Things

The Demogorgons are straight out of our Halloween nightmares, and they are some of the most menacing villains we have met. Even the baby, Dart, was scary!

The look: The key to this look is the face, which can be created with chart paper cut into petal shapes. Colour it red, black yellow and white with acrylic paint and wear it as a mask. Pair the mask with a flesh-coloured T-shirt and pants. 

Punk Eleven from Stranger Things
Punk Eleven from Stranger Things Source: Stranger Things

Punk Eleven from Stranger Things

We have always loved how brave and strong Punk Eleven is, and wanted to be like her some day. Why not try it out this Halloween? Also, this is definitely a badass look that we all can pull off.

The look: Get a black T-shirt, a long black coat and blue boyfriend jeans rolled up at the hem. Grey sneakers and a black sweatband or hair tie on the wrist completes the look. Just smudge some black kajal for smokey eyes and gel your hair.

Shuri Source: Black Panther

Shuri from Black Panther

Shuri is one of our favourite characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She is smart, sassy and brave and we want to be like her on Halloween.

The look: Tie your hair into a high French braid, with a purple hair tie. Get a dark blue vest with dark brown pants and tie an olive-coloured shawl around your waist, held together with a big belt buckle. Use white paint to create the designs on her face. 

Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch Source: Avengers: Infinity War

Scarlet Witch from Avengers: Infinity War

Scarlet Witch, or Wanda, survived a lot of horrifying circumstances, including her own brother’s death, before falling prey to Thanos. She was a strong but compassionate character and we wish there were more people like her in the world.

The look: Opt for a maroon tank top with a long red coat, slim-fit black jeans and black boots. Biker gloves are a must. You can use a reddish wig but don’t forget to leave your hair open.

Hela Source: Thor: Ragnarok

Hela from Thor: Ragnarok

Hela is a frightening character who conquered all nine realms, and on her return, destroyed an entire planet. Replicate this signature look on you and be an unstoppable villain in the Halloween party.

The look: Paint sea-green lines on a black, high-neck cold-shoulder top, and black leggings. The head-dress is the most complicated part, but it can be made by attaching black papier mache strands to a swimming cap. Smudge some eyeliner around your eyes, and you’re good to go! 

IT Source: IT

IT from IT

This terrifying spectre is the embodiment of all our childhood nightmares! Although It usually appears in the form of a clown, it can change shape to resemble our deepest and darkest fears, and surely that’s what Halloween is all about.

The look: Get a grey blouse with balloon sleeves and grey joggers. The ruffle collar can be made with lace, attached to the blouse. Glue some red balls made of wool to the blouse, as buttons, and on white sneakers. Paint your face white and add the signature red nose and designs; pop on a short, wavy red wig. Slip on white gloves, and don’t forget the red balloon!

Elastigirl and Mr Incredible
Elastigirl and Mr Incredible Source: Incredibles 2

Elastigirl and Mr Incredible from Incredibles 2

Elastigirl and Mr Incredible are both amazing parents as well as incredible superheroes. We love how well they take care of their kids while battling supervillains. If you want to twin with your bae this Halloween, go for this look.

The look: Find red long-sleeved T-shirts and red tights, a pair of yellow belts and two black shorts. Black biker gloves and black eye-masks, plus a pair of badass boots, will do the job. 

Valak Source: The Nun

Valak from The Nun

Who better to dress up as, this Halloween, than the horrifying Valak from The Nun? All you really need for this look is extreme sleep deprivation for the pasty white face and the under-eye circles, and a lot of caffeine for the glowing eyes, but we do not recommend that method!

The look: Try this less extreme option of yellow contact lenses, white face paint and smudged kajal, with some black lipstick. Wear a black full-length gown with a white scarf folded under a black dupatta for the head dress.

Kratos Source: God Of War

Kratos from God Of War

A lot of us gamers grew up playing the God of War series. Kratos, with his fiery eyes and the recognisable red body paint, cut a powerful and intimidating figure in the series as he slew his enemies with his battle axe. With the series getting a reboot this year and Kratos’ look getting an update with a beard and more muscles, dressing up as him for a Halloween party will be a great idea.

The look: Brown leather pants with a brown belt, knee-high boots, a brown shawl tied around your waist and brown biker gloves should do the trick. Use a corset belt as the armour around you arm. Paint the war design with red body paint. Don’t forget to carry a prop axe to terrorise your frenemies.

Weeping Angels
Weeping Angels Source: Doctor Who

Weeping Angels from Doctor Who

The Weeping Angels are terrifying creatures who can literally send you to your death bed in the blink of an eye!

The look: Get a long, pleated grey skirt and a top with a pleated neck. You will need grey face and body paint, and if you’re brave enough, a LOT of chalk dust on your hair as well! The wings can be made with chart paper and paint, and attached to your back with straps. 

Gamora Source: Avengers: Infinity War

Gamora from Avengers: Infinity War

Gamora was an assassin, but we all know that she was also a person fiercely in support of justice and peace. She became a Guardian of the Galaxy and sacrificed her relationship with her adoptive father, Thanos, to stand by her beliefs.

The look: To dress up as this badass woman, get a red wig, paint your face with green body paint and coat your lips with green lipstick. A long black coat, black leather pants and black boots, with chunky rings, will complete the look. And if you really want to turn heads, use some silver paint to draw the designs on her face.