What you didn't know about Roadies

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 25.04.09

The name that was first suggested for Roadies was Saat-Saath (seven together). MTV held an internal contest to come up with an alternative name and the winner was: Road Raj. Finally, it was decided to go with the working title the team had been using — Roadies.

The first journey was from Chennai to Chail, because it was initially supposed to happen around the 2003 World Cup and Chail has the world’s highest cricket ground.

Roadies 1 had no presenter. VJ Cyrus Sahukar came in four times at specific points.

Roadies 1 was not a contest. Rannvijay was not the winner of Roadies 1. He was the most popular one.

Divya (Season 1) is the only Roadie to be kicked out by the producers.

Rannvijay was brought into Roadies 2 as presenter on a trial basis. He got confirmed when the Roadies had reached Lucknow.

The first time a Roadies audition was taped and shown was the final round of Roadies 2. Raghu was part of that panel as he was the only one who could speak Hindi!

After Roadies 1, the Roadies were so close to each other that they got back together in Mumbai and started living in Raghu’s house.

Raghu was almost asked to vacate his house because Roadie Tony would roam around in his boxers.

Rannvijay was scheduled to join the army two months after Roadies. It was Raghu’s twin Rajiv’s idea that he try his luck in the entertainment industry. Five years later, Rajiv became a part of Roadies; it was Rannvijay’s idea!

Rannvijay is the resident arm-wrestling champion in the crew.

MTV rejected Raghu in 2001.

Roadies got Gulshan Grover in Season 4 with no budget to pay him.

Raghu had never ridden a bike in his life when he started producing Roadies. He got his first bike after Roadies 3.

The idea of the Roadies song came from Orkut, where youngsters were trying to make their own Roadies anthem.

Raghu wrote the Roadies song. Agnee composed the Roadies song free of cost, as they were close friends of Raghu and gang.

The winner of Roadies 3, Parul Shahi, was rejected in Roadies 2.

The producers have been trying to take Roadies international since Roadies 3.

The last day of Roadies 3 shooting was July 26, 2005, the day of the Mumbai floods. While the city was drowning, the Roadies crew was partying in Leh!

The Roadies crew survives on tea. They normally take a chaiwalla along wherever they shoot.

During Roadies 4, Raghu narrowly escaped death when a task, where he had to be set on fire, went wrong. He escaped with a burnt nose and chest.

During Roadies 5.0, Rannvijay hurt his head and bled while trying out a task in Thailand. Raghu got stitches in his left knee.

Ashutosh, winner of Roadies 5.0, was rejected in three cities before being selected in his fourth attempt.

Bani wore black in all the vote-outs. She felt it was lucky for her.

Bani did not wear black for the final vote-out of Roadies 4. Anthony went on to win that series.

Roadies is the first Indian format to be syndicated abroad. Pakistan’s ARY network has bought it.