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  • Published 3.02.09

First day, first show and no takers for a Prosenjit film? Tch, tch... Can someone please tell Bumbada that he has got it wrong?

Prosenjit-Rachana’s Chaowa Paowa is a far cry from the Uttam-Suchitra namesake. This one is not just boring, it’s downright illogical.

The inspiration...

Is Yaarana-Dostana’s male-bonding theme and the Rani-Preity-Salman-starrer Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega..., where one of the girls wakes up from a coma to find how things have changed.

The plot...

Is about two friends who sing together, dance together and even have nightmares together (about each other). They are Prosenjit and Abhishek. Prosenjit woos Rachana and also tries to set his best buddy up with her best friend Swarnakamal. Abhishek and Swarnakamal write letters (!) and never meet.

The Rani-Preity angle kicks in when Abhishek suffers an injury and is ready to kick the bucket. Dutiful friend Prosenjit makes Rachana pose as Abhishek’s sweetheart (because Swarnakamal has been snatched away by evil uncle Sudip).

The players...

Are all loud and shrill. Prosenjit pulls through despite the hamming, but Abhishek gets on your nerves with his stupid ‘cool dude’ act.

Rachana looks double her age and triple her size, whether in a sari or a short frock. Swarnakamal looks pleasant but she, like the rest, tries too hard at times. As Prosenjit’s sister, Locket gets about 10 minutes’ screentime to walk in and out of rooms.

The bus stand, an important character, fares better than the rest. This is where Abhishek spends most of his time ogling girls while Prosenjit keeps guard. This is the main backdrop where all the OTT action takes place.

The direction...

So dull is the narration, with bizarre spurts of blood and gore, that you look forward to the songs, which are no respite either.

One hour into the film and you still don’t know what’s happening.

What’s wrong with Swapan Saha? Has he finally lost track of the audience’s chaowa paowa?